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Supermarkets in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
1. Natural Ovens Bakery Inc
Address: 4300 County Rd C R, Manitowoc
2. Copps
Address: 3300 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
Work: 05:30-00:00
3. Service Tech LLC
Address: 3114 Menasha Ave, Manitowoc
4. Maretti's Deli
Address: 823 Buffalo St, Manitowoc
5. Jenn's Java
Address: 1124 Washington St, Manitowoc
Work: 08:00-20:00
Address: 4111 Harbor Town Ln, Manitowoc
Work: 09:00-20:00
7. Copps Pharmacy
Address: 3300 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
Work: 09:00-17:00
8. Rob's Family Market LLC
Address: 2330 Menasha Ave, Manitowoc
Work: 06:00-21:00
9. Walmart Supercenter
Address: 4115 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
10. Festival Foods
Address: 2151 S 42nd St, Manitowoc
11. Manitowoc Health Mart Pharmacy
Address: 919 S 8th St, Manitowoc
12. Hartman's Bakery & Pastry
Address: 901 N 11th St, Manitowoc
13. Piggly Wiggly
Address: 1339 N 8th St, Manitowoc
Work: 06:00-22:30

Best comments in Manitowoc,WI

  • Natural Ovens Bakery Inc

    This is the very finest of breads. Its tasty and nutritious, I'll never switch.

    4300 County Rd C R, Manitowoc
  • Natural Ovens Bakery Inc

    can you please update your store list where you can purchase your bread. no jewel around my house carries your bread anymore, and Dominick's went out of business in this area years ago. What good is a website that is not updated. I called your compa...

    4300 County Rd C R, Manitowoc
  • Natural Ovens Bakery Inc

    Awful truck driver, will never purchase from this company. Driver cut off 4 people including not letting people merge onto the highway during traffic.

    4300 County Rd C R, Manitowoc
  • Natural Ovens Bakery Inc

    Amazing breads awesome people

    4300 County Rd C R, Manitowoc
  • Copps

    I went in to the bakery to order a dozen sheet cakes for my school's anniversary party, as I have been put in charge of planning the party. The staff members were extremely short and rude, and had no interest in even placing the order. Wouldn't they ...

    3300 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
  • Copps

    Be careful . . . be very careful when purchasing perishable items. Watch for dates! Several times during the last 2 years I have found spoiled and 'undated' products in the meat counters. Both where the chicken, hams etc are located and the meat coun...

    3300 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc