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Supermarkets in Kelso, Washington
1. The Freedom Market - Kelso Cannabis Marijuana High Quality
Address: 820A Westside Hwy, Kelso
Work: 08:00-00:00
2. Sunrise Market
Address: 1215 S 6th Ave, Kelso
3. Border Stop
Address: 424 Long Ave, Kelso
Work: 07:00-22:00
4. Safeway
Address: 411 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso
Work: 05:00-01:00
5. Famous Footwear
Address: 351 Three Rivers Drive, Kelso
Work: 10:00-20:00
6. H & I Services & Grocery
Address: 1221 Rose Valley Rd, Kelso

Best comments in Kelso,WA

  • Sunrise Market

    I used to patron this store when I went to Wallace elementary, that was 20 + years ago. From what I hear it's lost that welcoming vibe.

    1215 S 6th Ave, Kelso
  • Safeway

    It is not a good safeway. Please allow me to explain. Extremely crowded nearly 24/7, no self checkout, rarely more then 3 checkers helping the flow, items take forever to get back in Stock, the store never gets a product in until it is irrelevant. Yo...

    411 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso
  • Safeway

    My husband went into store and worker in produce was not friendly rude when just wanting to ask a question . He needs a attitude adjustment. My husband shopped there daily for years said he will never shop there again.

    411 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso
  • Safeway

    Safeway has been a member of Kelso, Washington for over 30 years (At different locations). However, this is also a problem when Tops was the only other grocery store in Kelso it forced Safeway to have a price war for their customers attention, since ...

    411 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso
  • Safeway

    Poorly managed Safeway in my opinion. It is extremely busy and rarely staffed according. Recently they TOOK AWAY the self-checkout. While other grocery stores are listening to their customers needs, this one is doing the opposite. I dread going in th...

    411 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso
  • Safeway

    I love this Safeway!! Eric, the manager, is an absolute sweetheart. The store has an excellent selection and the produce and seafood departments are beautiful. By far the best grocery store in Kelso, hands down. Thanks, guys, just keep doing what y...

    411 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso