Tokyo Mart

United StatesTexasSan Antonio → Tokyo Mart
  • Address:825 W Hildebrand Ave, San Antonio
  • Phone:(210) 736-2111

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Kera Kellogg: 12/23/2016 04:38

Been going here since I was like 5 awesome place! It is very small but cute and has a great selection considering the size! I love that the owners are Japanese and a lot of times they speak it their customers

Water Tiger: 10/23/2016 03:01

I go here regularly for the dried seaweed (kombu and dried salads that are quite nice once rehydrated), dried bonito, many varieties of miso, the red pepper mix, and the frozen gyoza are spot on for in-home cooking. If you have any questions the cute Japanese girl will help you. They also have some sashimi grade fish and octopus, pickled products, deserts and dressings, sauces, pretty much anything you need to make sushi and other Japanese food at home.

Cherie Murphy: 09/01/2016 00:38

Love getting my Japanese fix!!! Yummy and good prices.

Sabrina G: 07/16/2016 22:46

They have a great selection of sake and Kirin ichiban, staff is friendly and helpful :)

Kim Priser: 04/27/2016 18:12

Awesome store to get what you need! I love it!