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  • Address:7460 Callaghan Rd # 310, San Antonio
  • Phone:(210) 340-7900

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Kim V: 05/01/2017 03:09

This place has EVERYTHING!! My husband needed ingredients to prepare a proper ramen soup. We checked several stores for a couple of ingredients and could not find it. We almost settled for buying online, but I saw this location on Google Maps and decided to try it. This place had everything he needed and more! They have all the latest Japanese snacks, candies, cookies, groceries, dishes, toiletries, and more! The staff was amazingly friendly. They greet you with a smile at the door. They were always right there offering assistance at the moment you needed them. This place is pretty small, but very clean, bright, and organized. They must be master Tetris players because they fit SO MUCH into this tiny area.

Jeremy Campos: 04/24/2017 01:26

Very nice grocery, and the prices are sometimes high, but its expected when most of the food is probably imported. There are so many snacks and treats your not going to know what to buy, so just try everything and remember what you like. Watch for price though, its usually on the back; some stuff is like 1.50 and some is like 4$ so be careful, you might end up spending close to 50$ and you'll be like "huh?"

Andy Jimenez: 04/20/2017 07:17

Store workers are always so sweet and ready to help the second you walk in. It's super tiny in this store but they still have a wide selection of products. I also love the gift bags they have during the holidays!

Lauren Balajadia: 03/14/2017 19:42

Even though it's small, they carry so many products and food options. My husband and I used to live next to a Japanese market before moving to San Antonio, and we were ecstatic to find out that Minnano market is only a short drive from our current apartment! They carry everything we used to eat back home for a decent price. It is hard to maneuver around if there are a lot of people. The inside is fairly small, but we will definitely be back.

Haley De Witt: 02/02/2017 02:45

Really good selection of Japanese snacks, prepared foods, fresh ingredients, candies, and household goods/ beauty products. They have sales on items and offer cheaper prices on buying more than one or bulk of certain items. Prices are fairly low, much cheaper than any online stores that carry imported goods that I've seen. If you're not fluent in Japanese, most items have descriptions written in English on them. Others are pretty straightforward and have easy to understand pictures on them. Staff is super friendly too! If you aren't sure what something is they're happy to answer. They take cash and card, though you have to spend at least $10 to pay with card.