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  • Address:1719 Babcock Rd, San Antonio
  • Phone:(210) 524-9001

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Barney Grumble: 04/29/2017 18:00

Prices are way to high and some of the stuff looks out dated

Mercy Akinwande: 03/28/2017 21:06

This place is small, but has necessary items. Whenever I'm in town, I go. Easy to go straight to what I need and be on my way. We don't have a close African market where I'm from, so I like to get the spices and foods that I can't get at HEB, which is usually pretty versatile.

Sofi S: 07/24/2016 21:34

Our family has been going here for years. It's small so they're able to give customers personalized attention. It's the only place I know to get the crayfish powder. ☺

muslim aldi: 03/20/2016 00:54

The lady not want work maybe !!! HOW INTERNATIONL MARKET !!! And always she say, I want go I want go Hurry :S ... Zero Market , Zero staff ...

Anna Stefanova Rowe: 11/10/2011 20:38

It's a very small place, probly even smaller than a regular gas station with no European foods, what they have either comes from Africa, Mexico or Latin America n thus catering for those cuisines. Out of commonly used items I just noticed bananas n different kinds of starch.

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