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  • Website:www.heb.com
  • Address:4710 N PanAm Expy, San Antonio
  • Phone:(210) 938-8357

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Rudy Guerrero: 04/10/2017 05:14

I found ant in the carton of Strawberry pop Tarts and in the packets can you please recall all the pop tarts and check the box and the packet for ant before you ship them off to the H.E.B stores. Thank you Very much. H.E.B Customers Rudy Guerrero. Thanks.

Steve Posey: 03/31/2017 16:38

Checked in at 3pm for a 7pm appointment, went to the staging area. Called me about 5:00 said they had a door for me. Was empty and out the gate at 7:15. Only give 4 stars because backing in on the frozen side is pretty tight backing, especially with a 281 wheelbased truck. Another driver and I helped a few drivers get backed in.

Jake W: 03/21/2017 17:53

It's not horrible. Lumpers are expensive as usual but are quicker than normal. Receiving on the other hand is pretty slow. Very few places have I had my lumper done and waiting on receiving...Normally it's the other way around, in my experience at least. Checked in at 0630 for 0700 apt. Got a door at 0650. Unloaded by lumper by 0730. And it's 0930 now, still waiting on a call from receiving.

Cipriano Griego: 02/27/2017 00:55

Hit or miss. Wait times range 2-7 hours. Staff is friendly. Not a bad place to deliver most of the time

Robert Tovar: 12/26/2016 03:37

For the most part, you'll spend an average of 3 hours waiting to get unloaded. The longest I've waited is 5. The good thing is, they have a staging area so you can arrive overnight and start taking your 10 while you wait to get unloaded. They'll call you when you have a door so you don't have to worry about arriving 2 hours before your appointment or setting up an alarm. They don't sign for seals so double check your paperwork for shortages and at least get them to initial your case count. Beware of hole 183. There is a light pole directly in front of it, if you get that hole and there is no truck backed into 182 you'll have a tough time but if there is a truck there, the only way to back in is on the blind side. Be careful, get help from another driver to be your spotter. You'll run into your share of rookie drivers there. Be patient, if you're an experienced driver, share your knowledge and help someone. If you're a rookie driver take your time, don't rush. Everyone had to start somewhere.