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Shosh A: 04/17/2017 13:06

Their meat is frish.

Tech2025: 12/26/2016 02:14

Awesome place! The meat is always fresh and they have a big variety of products!

Theodore Naveen Isaac: 07/17/2016 04:28

Guys working over here are pretty helpful and customer service oriented. I always buy chicken, mutton from here.

Timotheyahu Ban Yashraal: 04/01/2016 22:26

Exceptional Servitude! Clean Butchering, all Halal aka Kosher according to the way it's supposed to be performed by Torah(Thurah).

Azam Siddiqui: 03/18/2016 19:55

Best halal meat shop in San Antonio. The owner is extremely nice, and knows his meat. If you are a beef guy then this is the place to go. They have many varieties of steak cuts like T-bone, rib eye, top and bottom sirloin. They also know how to do Bihari kabab cuts.