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  • Address:2017 Walker St, Houston
  • Phone:(713) 236-8171

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Livia Yang: 04/17/2017 02:25

Ordered a whole pig for a birthday celebration. We all agreed it was super delicious. The skin was crispy, meat - well seasoned, and there was also some awesome sticky bits. We asked for it to be cut and laid flat. It was beautiful and it made it so simple to serve as well as storing leftovers. I would highly recommend this place for the pig..especially since it's conveniently located inside the loop.

Emilio Garcia: 03/21/2017 03:03

I ordered the whole bbq pig it was excellent my sons party was a success my guest loved it . Thanks Long Sing

ajslezak: 02/04/2017 00:10

Only place near downtown with Chinese barbeque. Their roasted duck is great, some say the best in Houston! Place is old/dirty and not much in the way of groceries. Come here to eat lunch.

Ibrahim Iqbal: 01/19/2017 22:09

Not much of a grocery selection(they have shin ramen which is what I came for) but the lunch place they have: HOLY MOLY! Some of the best Asian BBQ I've ever had. And it's only 7 bucks!

E Love: 11/10/2016 02:35

It was not clean. It was extremely dusty. The shelves were nearly empty and there were boxes everywhere. This place is not a supermarket. It is an indoor food truck. The food must be delicious because there were at least 18 people sitting at a long high-school cafeteria table enjoying their meal and 6 others in line placing an order to go. There were roasted Ducks hanging in the window. I can say the whole setup caught me off guard. I had come there to do some shopping to get the ingredients I needed to make miso soup. Not a place I plan on returning. But if you like Vietnamese food you might want to try it. I don't know . . . . .