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  • Website:www.facebook.com
  • Address:10923 Scarsdale Blvd, Houston
  • Phone:(281) 484-6100
  • Opening Hours Today: 08:30-21:15
  • Monday: 08:30-21:15
  • Tuesday: 08:30-21:15
  • Wednesday: 08:30-21:15
  • Thursday: 08:30-21:15
  • Friday: 08:30-21:15
  • Saturday: 08:30-21:15
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:11205 Bellaire Blvd, Houston
  • Opening Hours Today: 08:00-22:00
  • Monday: 08:00-22:00
  • Tuesday: 08:00-22:00
  • Wednesday: 08:00-22:00
  • Thursday: 08:00-22:00
  • Friday: 08:00-22:00
  • Saturday: 08:00-22:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:9820 Gulf Fwy, Houston
  • Phone:(832) 831-4139
  • Opening Hours Today: 08:30-21:30
  • Monday: 08:30-21:30
  • Tuesday: 08:30-21:30
  • Wednesday: 08:30-21:30
  • Thursday: 08:30-21:30
  • Friday: 08:30-21:30
  • Saturday: 08:30-21:30
  • Sunday: close

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David Ng: 04/30/2017 00:18

Flies and insects all over the vegetable section. Might as well be selling items on the street. Dirty place. Parking is insufficient

Dean Harryman: 04/05/2017 02:17

Awesome selection of hard to find foods. Fish and meat markets are awesome, well stocked, and hard to beat the price!

Hannah Roy: 03/27/2017 07:56

This place is awsome! They have plants, live fish and allkinds of veggies to choose from and much more!!

Stephine Welch: 03/14/2017 16:46

If you are into Asian food, you'll love this place. I go here for the panda snacks that they have in big boxes. I've also bought a plant here and it's a very good quality plant that was reasonably priced. They offer a wide variety of items, including household things, not just food items. The place smells different than what I'm used to, it's got that raw fish smell. The biggest downside I've encountered here is that I can't ask the employees for any assistance. They speak very little English.

Gregory Hughes: 03/08/2017 01:09

Absolutely fantastic place to shop. The selection isn't as good as the one in Chinatown, but the location is better for me.

i dont understand i dont understand: 02/22/2017 08:19

I love all of the food items/products they have to offer!! Love love love shopping here.

Stephanie Belmarez: 02/17/2017 03:18

Great banh mi! Love the variety of products available, that are typically unavailable elsewhere.

Tim Smith: 02/05/2017 20:06

I love to make Asian and Asian-inspired dishes, and Hong Kong Food Market always has the ingredients I need. Sometimes finding what I want takes a little research on my part - not all of the labels are in English - but I have yet to go looking for an ingredient I didn't find. There's also a little food counter that offers banh mi. My favorite thing about HKFM, though, is the selection of inexpensive kitchen tools. I buy a lot of my kitchen knives and spatulas there.

Selfmyedchic Mcgee: 01/27/2017 20:50

Kinda over priced so if youre a bargin shopper I suggest you stay away seafood produce is awesome but the smell of the store will have u turning up your nose. I love getting my seafood produce from them tho and the little sauce dishes and soup bowls

Janet D: 01/25/2017 21:51

An adventure to say the least. Huge Asian grocery store with a large vegetable selection, seafood, meats, frozen foods of all kinds, and all types of flavors and products on the shelves. It's a bit hard to understand some of the products if you aren't Asian. But it's always a fun place to go to pick up what you need to make Asian food of any kind at home. They have a bakery and a deli section as well.

Reel Edith: 01/18/2017 09:51

I always go here for my moon cakes! You should try them, they're amazing! You can find them in the bakery departments. I prefer the mung bean flavor.

Siraj Birch: 12/17/2016 05:21

Large selection of various asian products while having major American foods. The prices are competitive and it has a good change of pace compared to grocery stores around it. Only negative is that there is a distinct smell that comes from the fish and kimchi section (not sure if that can be helped but should be noted)

Alexander Bourandas: 11/19/2016 01:55

The fresh Vietnamese sandwiches are excellent here - both in flavor and price. Unfortunately, the sandwich shop inside the store is closed Tuesdays. Fruits and vegetables are well priced, and there are many groceries from overseas that are hard to find in this area of Houston. All the checkout people and counter clerks speak some English.

E Love: 11/10/2016 02:40

I loved this Market. Especially the produce section, everything was so fresh and there was a large variety to choose from. I walk down every aisle. I believe I was there for at least 2 hours. They had a seafood market in the back. It is located in what seems to be a reconstructed Mall. I look forward to going back. I prepare lots of meals from various cultures and this is the perfect place if you cook the same way.

A Cruz: 06/20/2016 07:17

This place has almost everything you could ever want in an Asian store. But buyer beware! Half of the items we bought were expired, stale or overpriced. Do some shopping around and see if you can find an Asian store that has fresh food in a clean environment. There were bug in the fruits and vegetables section. The seafood area reeks of a strong fish smell. Workers don't ask if you need help. Don't buy from bakery section. Mold in the pastries. Good luck with this store.