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Supermarkets in Temple, Pennsylvania
Address: 4320 5th Ave, Temple
2. Walmart Supercenter
Address: 5370 Allentown Pike, Temple
3. Sam's Club Bakery
Address: 5314 Allentown Pike, Temple
4. Temple Auto Mart
Address: 4700 Kutztown Rd, Temple
5. Turkey Hill Minit Market
Address: 4801 N 5th Street Hwy, Temple
6. Giant Food Pharmacy
Address: 4320 N 5th Street Hwy, Temple
Work: 09:00-21:00

Best comments in Temple,PA


    Great place to shop for affordable food. Bonuscard is a nice touch.

    4320 5th Ave, Temple

    Isle two is devoted to organics and hard to find vegan food.

    4320 5th Ave, Temple

    Clean, organized, big, friendly employees large produce section. Always have what I'm looking for. Excellent meat department. Fresh seafood. Lots of sale items. Gas pumps. And a bonus card always a bonus

    4320 5th Ave, Temple

    I love that the self service checkout isn't too heavily populated when I go there sometimes I juts need one thing and I need to get in and out in a hurry

    4320 5th Ave, Temple

    You MUST be very careful. They overcharge for something EVERY damn time my husband and I go in there. Substantial amounts too! If we go through the self checkout process we get searched like we're trying to steal something. I mean EVERY DAMN TIME! It...

    4320 5th Ave, Temple
  • Walmart Supercenter

    Not as well kept as a lot of walmarts other stores. Its a walmart is what it is.

    5370 Allentown Pike, Temple