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Elliott Berkowitz Sturgis: 04/16/2017 22:32

Everything is overpriced by 50¢ or more and the produce is bad. Gets packed after work and staff are barely paying attention. Good riddance because this is being replaced by ACME soon.

Bryan Halligan: 04/11/2017 17:33

They were so mean to me. Promised me things to make up for my troubles that didn't happened. Tried to make the troubles I experienced over the past months as if It was my fault. How wrong. No matter how many times you shop if you experience a problem it should be corrected and the customer should be respected. I can't believe this. I use to like this location. Dawn the manager was nice and said she would Look in to it today. Today's shopping experience was good!

Joey Antohi: 03/28/2017 21:40

Good selection of products but the store is like a maze. I have a very good sense of direction and I still have a hard time finding things sometimes. Being in University City, groceries are way overpriced for my taste.

Khalee: 03/28/2017 03:39

watched this store "grow up" ...keep more cashiers available all the sells and savings...too much variety too spicy for some...someone needs to keep watch of the open salad store map available..still love this store

Dawn Lim: 03/20/2017 06:20

Good Selection, Good Prices They have a good selection of stuff here, from fresh fruit, vegetables and meat (including organic selections) to canned food, drinks, snacks, and more. The grocer also carries a range of Asian condiments. Prices are good too, with instant noodles at 3 for $1 if you choose the small Maruchan ones. (This is probably the cheapest thing here). The larger one which I bought goes for $0.99 - still a very good deal. A good bunch of grapes is $2.99, avocados are 3 for $5. Just a sense of how much things are here. Due to the way groceries are arranged here, the first visit can be somewhat confusing. Not a big deal though. The beer and wine selection is at a separate section with a separate payment counter. Happy shopping experience.