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Ryan Fry: 05/04/2017 17:22

Great Fresh Grocer, carries all expected Fresh Grocer/Shoprite groceries. Produce/Deli section is very well done, and the Beer & Wine store is comparable to others seen throughout the state. This store also features a rather large Gluten-Free/Organic packaged foods section, and all around has plenty of inventory and plenty of space for maneuvering around. The only negative thing about this store is their front-end checkout experience. They have at least 10 self-checkout machines that are always available, but they often only have one or two cashiers open at a time. This means that often you'll have to bag and ring up your cartful of items yourself, which can be an annoying extra hassle.

Scott Reynolds: 05/01/2017 07:16

Wasn't crowded when we arrived so easy to get around. Nice beer selection! Impressive neighborhood grocery store.

Valerie Boyer: 04/16/2017 06:19

I had a wonderful experience there. The service is extraordinary!! The staff is clean, colorful, and courteous. The eating area is spectacular! The live music is an experience!! Everyone should support this local business.

Joe Soler: 04/10/2017 22:44

So nice to have another nice grocery in the neighborhood. Taking advantage of local law changes, this location stocks wine and beer, as well the standard supermarket offerings. Prices are good, and selection is excellent. Staff is friendly and they try really hard to make the experience positive. My only caveat is that i went in with my own reusable shopping bag, and was told I couldn't use it for shopping, but had to get a basket or shopping cart. I get it. They think I might steal, but it is still a hassle. I bring my reusable bag because I want to make sure I only buy as much as I can carry home, and using a basket would not serve that purpose.

Sergio Cabral: 03/15/2017 15:41

This is the first Fresh Grocer I've ever visited and I must say that I'm very pleased with what I saw. There used to be another store at that same location but this one has better prices, better quality, looks ridiculously better and it even feels a lot bigger, I don't know if they actually added more space to the store itself or if it's not just an optical illusion due to the new shelf's arrangement. Bottom line, I'm very pleased with what I've seen on this store, I really hope they maintain this level of quality and cleanliness. Thanks Fresh Grocer!!!