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Marc Jones: 02/07/2017 17:35

Awesome food awesome cooks

Jazzelle Prudent: 01/14/2017 07:29

Always order here when I have to work a double and too exhausted to cook and clean. You can never go wrong with a simple cheese steak

Sistadelphia: 11/08/2016 11:17

-5 stars. I went here one night to pick up some food for someone else's. I'll tell you, it may be called Quick Stop but my stop wasn't quick enough. Junkies outside and inside. This place is night of the living dead. It was down right disturbing and I wouldn't eat a morsel from here I don't care how good people say it is.

noemi calderon: 10/27/2016 20:32

Was here the first time today with my 3 years old son. I can honestly say this is the first small little Deli I've been to that the food was delicious. I have a picky eater so I was shocked when my son ate up all this food. I will definitely tell others about this place

Jai Alexandria: 10/01/2016 21:49

Mostly good except for when it comes to the Western Union part. They make you wait until all the other customers there are taken care of, which would not be so bad but considering that they are constantly packed with people by the time the end of the line is down to 1 or 2 people next thing you know you have 5 more customers walking in. I've been a customer there for over 15 years and in all other ways this store is great but if you are going there for a Western Union I suggest you go somewhere else if at all possible because on a good day the least amount of time I've spent waiting for me to be taken care of was about 35-45 minute wait, mind you I get 2 Western Union sent to me a week. Not including the Bill's I pay through them either.