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Rebecca Delk: 04/16/2017 04:56

NetCost is a great place to shop. The prices are good.

Darcella Cross: 03/30/2017 00:08

This place is amazing for price and food selection. But not English speaking, well some. But still very good customer service.

Alexander Fridman: 03/21/2017 16:51

Authentic European , Russian's Ukrainians style oriented food. Unique supermarket not as others.

Alexandra Lee: 03/16/2017 00:16

Wide variety of cooked and prepared food. It's delicious. They have fresh produce.

Chris Holst: 02/05/2017 20:28

Excellent selection of Eastern European food. Helps to read a little Cyrillic and speak a bit of Russian to navigate. Great place to pick up lamb and veal cuts that are tough to get in traditional supermarkets.

Crescent Colonna: 01/17/2017 23:12

I try to come here once a week at least. Their produce department is great. Well stocked and fresh. Prices are great as well. Glad they made their way to philly from NY.

Marsha Masi: 01/12/2017 05:59

Watch out when u purchase things that they make. Like stuff from the cooked bar etc They weigh the container and include it in the price of the item. they are supposed to take a tare weight of what the container weighs and by law are not allowed to charge you for the container. They just do it. When I asked about it they said.... The container cost money too. They are making a killing charging for the containers that the food is in. A small container adds .30 to the cost of an item. They sell a lot of them. I won't buy anything there that they put in there containers.

Quitt Lyingg: 11/29/2016 18:35

NetCost is one of the most amazing supermarkets you can visit. Most items are fresh and cheap. Whether you are American or Russian, you will love this store. The parking lot is always crowded and hard to navigate. Other than that, this store is as close to perfect as they get. I have no idea why anyone would post a one star review unless they are a competitor.

Antoinette Johns: 11/12/2016 09:57

Their are so many good things to say about this market, I don't know where to start. The pricing is very reasonable, especially their produce. The food is always fresh. The store clerks are very helpful and patient. The market is always clean. I enjoy shopping at this market.

Slyer E: 11/11/2016 21:47

Great variety - they even include Polish and German foods! As well as traditional quick foods like canned goods, ramen, chips. Some healthy selections of junk food at good prices. Great atmosphere. Always clean and well stocked.