Krakus Restaurant

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  • Address:3150 Richmond St, Philadelphia
  • Phone:(215) 426-4336

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John Niziolek: 04/25/2017 16:18

Authentic Polish fare, set in a bustling Polish market

Piotr Bagniewski: 03/27/2017 23:39

I like the place for their fresh meats.

David Ortega: 03/12/2017 07:08

Delicious deli, and friendly staff. The restaurant is no joke either!

Quitt Lyingg: 11/29/2016 18:47

Krakus is the go-to for Polish food. It brings back great memories. We still make special trips down here even when I-95 is jammed LOL. It is always worth the trip for the huge portions, low prices, large selection, great recipes, and super friendly service. Although we are not Polish we know what delicious food tastes like. We usually shop at the nice market and then eat at the awesome restaurant. You will be required to like meat because Polish food is not for vegetarians. We usually end up spending over $200 and eating Polish for a few days.

Lauren Raikowski: 11/27/2016 07:22

My mother and I go here every year. Delicious Polish food, just like my grandmother used to make. I Highly recommend the restaurant and the Deli. Clean. Delicious. Authentic.