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  • Address:928 Levick St, Philadelphia
  • Phone:(215) 744-5180

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Arash Izadpanah: 02/20/2017 02:19

Beautiful, clean store!

Ahmad Saddot: 11/17/2016 07:39

I went there to buy arabic bread which is 1.25 cents everywhere .the guy at the register charged me 1.50.for 14 bread 21 dollars.when I told him that it is 1.25 everywhere.he told me that he charged me more because he said "I don't want to sell only bread for you" ..he warned me to shop meat or it is 1.50 for me only.i was forced to tell him that I will no longer go there.

Queen of unicorns For Life: 09/15/2016 19:46

I love to buy all my grocery from this store the guys work there so friendly And the best place to buy fresh lamp and meet

fatime djalle: 06/05/2016 20:59

Quality is very good, everyone is polite and nice and their meat is halal. I highly recommend this place.

عبدالله محمد: 10/04/2015 23:55

Staff and owner are real nice and polite too. I highly recommend to everyone who lives nearby.

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