United StatesPennsylvaniaLancaster → Walmart
  • Address:2030 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster
  • Phone:(717) 581-0200
  • Opening Hours Today: 07:00-23:00
  • Monday: 07:00-23:00
  • Tuesday: 07:00-23:00
  • Wednesday: 07:00-23:00
  • Thursday: 07:00-23:00
  • Friday: 07:00-23:00
  • Saturday: 07:00-23:00
  • Sunday: close

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_ hissygoose: 04/23/2017 04:07

If there was such a thing as an upscale Wal-Mart, this would fall in that Category, my most used.

Mindy Morales: 04/23/2017 00:34

It was so organized when it first opened now it is very busy and not many registers open but i prefet it over Lincoln Hwy.

condew HacDC: 02/04/2017 21:31

The people of this area didn't want a Walmart; but several years ago, when Builder's Square went out of business the owner's of the building had a mysterious new tenant, which turned out to be Walmart. That's why this Walmart is kind of the runt of the litter; it's a Walmart, but a little quirky and not quite standard. No grocery section. Other than that, it's about what you'd expect of the chain.

Nick Reynolds: 01/17/2017 17:05

The registers were open and we walked right up to a cashier which can be rare for big stores like these. Parking can be a bit iffy for getting a good spot since there are many other stores in the shopping center. This store is not a mess and has a small grocery section which is helpful if you are trying to save stopping too much. There is an easy in and out red light and even a quick back exit if needing to avoid much traffic. We enjoy this store when we need to travel to Wal Mart.

paul Jamison: 01/13/2017 04:33

Waited for assistants at the pick up window for 25mintues. Pressed the assistants button 3 times. And, no one came for so long it reset. Went to the front of the store to have someone paged. Then returned to the pickup window to wait another 15minutes. The items were already paid for. Should have been a quick pick up and go.