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Hugo Toledo: 04/30/2017 06:22

I've had pretty consistently good service at all of the Whole Foods I've patronized. That said, my local Whole Foods has been superb! From the first time I went there, before I got to be a regular over the last four months, everyone has been very helpful, pleasant and attentive. The quality of the food both prepared and otherwise, has been consistently goods well. They can get busy but because of the layout of the parking lot it is easy to find a spot and get in and out pretty quickly. If you've not been to this location, I highly recommend it.

Gil Sentino: 04/16/2017 08:05

Employees are so nice and its a really great store. A bit pricey on somethings but go get a large pizza for 12 bucks! Delicious

Cindy White: 04/14/2017 23:53

I love everything about your store. But lately it seems the usual long term cashiers don't like putting our groceries in our cart. I have problems with my hip so I'd be nice if they'd get in the habit again. But other then that everyone seems nice, helpful and super caring

Drew Weaver: 04/03/2017 16:49

This is a great place to get groceries and/or pick up dinner. They had a very real issue with customers putting their bare hands into the food in hot food bar (for sampling) in the first year of their operation but I think they are monitoring that sort of thing more closely now. (I hope so, I witnessed it several times and it was nasty). Whole Foods' Guacamole and Chili Lime corn chips are amazing, try it!

Sointex Jambis: 04/01/2017 23:59

Where the white people are. Seriously. If you are scared of white people like I am, don't come here. Expensive. It's all trendy (like a grocery store can be trendy): you can order food and eat in a grocery store. And drink. Who the heck wants to do THAT.... Oh white people.

Sharon Brumskine: 03/28/2017 15:25

I can purchase bulk items at a reasonable price. The staff is both friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. They carry local fresh produce and tropical fruits.

Mike Ryan: 03/22/2017 03:43

I live in Austin so I'm used to top notch whole foods locations so when I say this one is top notch believe me. Great salad, soup and ready foods section. Beer selection is full of great craft and they have a bar with 10 taps.

Issac Harris: 03/16/2017 08:44

I love shopping at Whole Foods the customer service and food are the best! I would suggest shopping here to anyone I know. It's very rare that stores have wonderful service and this location has just that. The only thing that I would recommend that needs to be looked at is the mens restroom. I have only used it a few times but each time that I have it has a nasty order.

Timothy Williams: 03/14/2017 21:46

Awesome place. Very pricey. But well worth it for delicious healthy food with a fun and inviting environment. Full grocery store​, and eatery including a bar.

Angela Schnieders: 02/04/2017 20:28

I've been shopping at whole foods for years. I live in Mansfield and it's definitely worth the trip....I've never had a bad experience ...I've always get the Low carb flax meal bread .