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  • Address:3579 S High St, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 409-0683

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Terry Horton: 05/01/2017 06:34

I luv walmart because it has low prices and now its a grocery store and walmart has name brand stuff i just luv walmart

Reginald Williams: 04/28/2017 23:04

Clean, nice, the customer service will actually help you. Things are actually where labeled. No extra long lines.

Chad E. Garrett: 04/28/2017 20:10

You have to dodge 20 homeless people before you get to the door or at the door. Always wanting change or a cigarette. I DRIVE right pass and go to the Grove City Wal-Mart. It is sad that I have to DRIVE out of my way just so I don't have to be begged to death. I don't mind helping people at all but you can only do so much.

Wallace Walker III: 04/10/2017 22:21

If you want sugar and processed snacks, you'll love this place. I was looking for a dental water pick and wasn't surprised to know that they don't sell anything they can't pronounce.

Christian: 04/04/2017 18:41

Best Walmart in the Columbus area, they always have what I need! They always have a Columbus police officer on standby which makes some people feel very safe