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  • Address:1221 Georgesville Rd, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 275-9811
  • Address:2700 Bethel Rd, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 326-0083
  • Address:3900 Morse Rd, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 476-2070
  • Address:5200 W Pointe Plaza, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 876-7850

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Bradley derrick: 05/03/2017 17:10

Love this wal-Mart, some people have bad things to say about it. I have nothing but good. It is a crowded fast paced shopping atmosphere. It reminded me of my time in new york. You better know what you want, or get out of the way.

Brandi Taylor: 05/03/2017 12:27

I really like using their online ordering and picking up at the store. The only thing better would be if they delivered!

Damien McGhee: 04/29/2017 22:33

The store has a great selection of items. What you expect of a Walmart. Low prices and superb service!

Ray Floyd: 04/29/2017 16:54

Horrible customer service all over the store. More especially at the service desk. I think the people that work this location lack motivation and people skills. If I had more time, I'd travel to a different Walmart and get better service. Same experience each time I visit this location. I understand every job here, as I used to be an employee at this same location about 20 years ago where I worked my way up the ladder, so the job isn't that difficult.

Robin Darr: 04/24/2017 02:54

Peter in the Photo Center is a great person. He interacted perfectly with every customer while I waited for some photos. He made sure to assemble my canvas frame with great precision. This review is about Peter more so than Walmart but he earned my business today!

Berkay Kaplan: 04/22/2017 20:23

Just a typical Walmart store, nothing special. Prices are good, customer service is at a reasonable rate. A good place to shop.

jerome Tifft: 04/17/2017 03:48

Last 3 times in here I had to hunt down a Wal-Mart employee in order to get gallon jugs of water. Because they were to get back on shelf to get at without a ladder. Plus bread shelves are usually barren. It's like they don't go around to check if shelves are stocked. The Wal-Mart in my home town is never like this one.

Christian Ramirez: 03/27/2017 09:55

This used to be really convenient store for me, since I work late nights. Now I have to wait till the day time or drive all the way to Tuttle to get groceries after work. These reduced hours suck

Sarah roberts: 03/15/2017 20:32

I only give it 2 stars because there was one employee from the back of the store that tried to help me. The guy who works in site to store Is just very rude. I don't understand how he still has a job. His name in Matty. I was back there at 10 minutes till 8 to pick up tires my husband ordered online. There was no one around. A couple employees are looking around and finally he comes out at 8:10pm and tells me that site to store closes at 8pm. I say to him I've been standing here since 10 minutes till and no one was able to find him. He basically walks off and leaves me standing there waiting. So another employee gets me a manager. The manager sends the same guy back out. He says nothing goes and gets on the phone and then after he finishes on the phone he looks at the other employee and starts to tell him that site to store closes at 8 as if I'm not standing right there. I had to walk away at this point because i was at the boiling point add i knew i was about to go off on this guy. He was very rude to me and the employee who tried to help me. If there was a place on the walmart website I would go on there and complain. He does not need to have a job in customer service.

Bethany Molnar: 03/15/2017 18:09

It's a store that is readily accessible and has all the standard Walmart materials you expect. The lines can be very long and it's always busy. But the self-checkout lines have helped that.

W Two: 03/15/2017 13:02

It's a Wal-Mart after all. I go to this location when Grove city or Hilliard are out of something I need quickly. The 2 stars is mostly about the staff. They never offer help or even say hi. I've been bumped or nearly so by several different employees including managers rushing through the store and not a single one said excuse me. How is that a thing? They checked my receipt for the $6 sheet cake not in a bag, said nothing about the guy next to me with the $100 rug he absolutely didn't pay for.

Amanda Oliver: 03/05/2017 04:25

Cluttered clothing, store is messy overall. 7:15 on a Saturday night, 2 registers open plus self checkout, it's a nightmare, lines backed up to the point where there's hardly any standing room all the way to the clothing isles. Are they trying to save money by not hiring enough help? It makes no sense, a Walmart in a busy city with only 2 registers open at this time of day on a weekend?!?!. Multiple Employees standing at the front like security watching for people stealing with a bewildered look on their face instead of opening up registers to smooth the flow. It's more like a night club full of groceries and messy clothing and a mad house than a typical department store. Just a disaster.

Bruce Taylor: 03/03/2017 02:40

good service and getting better on inventory. produce and meat section arent the best for selection but it works if your in a hurry

Deb Ellair: 02/20/2017 07:40

The shelves always have huge empty spots. They don't fill advertised items on a regular basis. It's nearly impossible to find employees to answer questions or get help.

Bridgette Wright: 02/19/2017 22:24

I ordered a bike online for the day pick up. I get a call asking if I wanted it assembled. I said yes it already said it was ready. It was on roll back as well. So it shouldn't say it's ready if it takes 72 hours to be built. And I just called the customer service manager. An she said yeah they don't come assembled. I said how does that mean the bike is ready? You have a whole area of assembled bikes is there not one even at that price? They said no bikes are ready. What kind of crap is that! So it's still pending on my bank account and she said yeah it's gonna take a while to go away? Awesome a while? It wasn't cheap! Stupid! Definitely not going back to this location

Tamara Cantrell: 02/16/2017 09:16

At midnight, only 1 cashier open. Self checkout lanes closed as well. So a line of 12 people, some with completely full carts. I have 2 items. Does the manager not notice this? Have another cashier come and at least run register to help get the customers through and then go back to whatever the other cashier was doing while still just keeping the 1 lane open.

Jan New: 02/08/2017 22:52

It closes at midnight now. Several items that I put in my cart were sale items that wouldnr scan at the price checker and a couple that wouldn't scan at the register. The people were very pleasant. A lot of non-sale items in the clearance areas.

Gigi Labrador: 01/27/2017 02:56

They didn't have the 1 item I needed, asked the woman at self checkout if I can have a stamp. She said I'm still good because grace period is 30 minutes. Well she was way wrong. Grace period is 5 minutes so I had to pay $3.50 for nothing. Then called customer service & they put me on hold but for so long that I had to hang up. Bad customer service. I will never ever go back there.

Amanda: 01/09/2017 05:00

Our cashier never even spoke to us. And with the couple in front of us, she didn't give them two of their bags, but they realized then and came back for them. Well, we weren't so lucky. We didn't realize til we were home that we were missing several items, amounting to about $40. We called, and of course they couldn't tell us anything until we brought our receipt back. We took it back and they assured us that we received all of our items, even though the cashier was no where around to talk to. Very rude and not helpful at all.

Nolan Willoughby: 12/22/2016 20:35

There's a thing with Walmart. You get good prices but you have to know how to shop there. If all the meat is bad. Complain. If there's no chocolate milk. Ask for someone to get you some. If the bathroom is bad hit the service button. If there's trash around ask someone about it. I like to go to cashiers I recognize. If their bad I won't go to them but most aren't. This is one of the better locations. They tend to get better every day.