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Marvin Card: 04/22/2017 00:47

I go to turkey hill just about everyday play my lotteries I like that you can play with a debit card yea! One thing they need more cashiers at times long lines in the evenings also ATM which I don't use it located outside need to be inside where its more safe OK thankyou!

Kasper James: 03/15/2017 06:10

Always nice staff. No Fee ATM on location. Good selection of Protein based beverages.

charlene mcknight: 03/14/2017 00:22

Friendly workers! Every visit I am able to get in, and out quickly

Benjamin Bayman: 03/07/2017 11:06

They sell Nat Sherman cigarettes

khaled djahra: 03/03/2017 11:05

The shitiest place ever

Mark Goolie: 01/29/2017 22:33

It's your typical Turkey Hill. Service is usually good with friendly staff. This location does have a car wash that does a decent job.

Ray Floyd: 01/24/2017 16:47

Love the deals they have and small grocer. However; the traffic they incur and the restrooms are always shunned upon. The crowds that gather late night, and the parking lot always have me double and triple checking to see if I really want to visit this location. This location needs security on weekend nights as well as properly trained associates who know how to work the register and the lottery machines... This location needs employees who value their job, and want to work for their dime.

Jan Hatfield: 01/20/2017 04:48

Several times people are waiting outside entrance asking for money. Not unusual for someone to ask for money because they " ran out of gas" or someone offers to pump your gas for money. Management doesn't do anything to stop this.

Zachary Garnes: 12/31/2016 04:29

A hot ghetto mess. The cashier and the damn ATM both have long lines. It seems like it's always so busy 24/7.

josh yoakum: 12/24/2016 03:34

This has to be the single busiest gas station in Columbus. Watch out for the panhandlers looking for handouts too.

21jonesky: 11/30/2016 01:37

Always friendly, always good selection of snacks, beverages and "stuff I forgot to get at the,grocery," and you can use your Kroger rewards card.

Mia Zanella: 11/11/2016 14:54

They have everything I need & great prices.

Nora Penkoff: 10/01/2016 00:54

Just got back from there. Almost completely out of gas, was going to use my last coins to get myself to work, everyone was told that there was no gas available in the entire area all the way to Westerville. I had to go home and google different stations, just to find that another very close to me (That just so happens to be a competitor) is fully functional! You just lost a customer, folks. Do stuff better, that was messed-up and I had to be late to work. Being a good employee makes a big difference.

Kristie Snair: 09/26/2016 15:44

Typically I enjoy this place but the last few times I have been in the cashier is more concerned with having a conversation with other employees rather than the customer. And no this wouldn't bother me if it was about work or if they would have even acknowledged me at all besides just ringing out my purchase and handing me the receipt. Even a hello would have sufficed.

Randy Wallace: 08/03/2016 23:40

A customer of mine brought her car to me not running and just filled up at turkey hill on morse rd. her car backfires and dont stay running. found out she had bad gas in the tank. so if your car is doing the same. you have it too. 8/3/2016

Deidra Walker: 07/24/2016 13:41

Like this gas station. The cold & hot drinks r good to. Love love the ice. If ya bring ur own cup ice is free. Have nice mark downs from time to time as well.

Riley DeBacker: 07/19/2016 07:24

Generally some of the cheaper gas in the Clintonville/campus area.

Gloria DeBord: 05/18/2016 17:05

The mgr. was very rude even when I was asking her how she was doing after finding out that she had been sick.She snapped at me and said what did I want. I was serious about asking how she was . She had me work for her 3 days then called me in her office to tell me she didn't think I could make it . She started me on a me on a Sat. Now keep in mine I was a manager trainee and this person is telling me I can't handle the register . On a Sat we were busy and I was on the busy's reg. Calls a set up to me. That's okay watch their strawberries, rasberries and Blackberries usually molded. No more will I go inside to buy anything.

Mercy Touch: 03/10/2016 04:39

Nice coffee , they also have fresh pizza and other food

DJ Schleich: 12/23/2015 21:28

Good for a quick stop in the morning before work. No fee ATM.

Crowinthecoal: 11/11/2015 03:09

Tastykakes and turkeyhill iced tea

Rick Mitchell: 07/29/2014 17:56

This morning, I had THE absolute worst experience as a Customer in any store in my entire life. This location of Turkey Hill employs a person who thinks it is ok to berate and yell at customers for things she doesn't like. I simply came in for a cup of coffee on my way to work. I was running a bit late and just wanted to get my cup and go. As I finished filling my cup, I reached for the lids. In doing so, I had to step over some trash that was on the floor in front of the coffee station. The employee walks over after I stepped away to go to the counter and pay, and, quite loudly, starts saying that she couldn't believe I had just stepped over the trash and that I should have picked it up. I'm guessing that since I didn't respond to her, she felt the need to make her point again and then yelled out to the store in general about picking up trash. I had paid for my coffee by that time, and leaned in towards the cashier that was helping me and said that this person really should wait til customers are gone before she starts yelling about them. The cashier just shrugged her shoulders in a kind of "what are ya gonna do" gesture. As I turned around I noticed that she was still loudly taking about this to other customers and employees that were around her. I will never be back to this location again. First, Miss, I am the customer and it is YOUR job to see to the cleanliness of YOUR store. Second, I truly believe that this person be removed from her position and reassigned to one that has no contact with other humans, as she has NO people skills. (Certainly not the kind needed for the job she has). Finally, perhaps the other employees of this store need to step up the game and keep the store clean, to protect themselves from the reputation this employee is giving to them, as this reflects on the entire store.

Tanika Moorer: 06/13/2014 06:42


Blaine Varner: 04/27/2013 07:37

Nice store. Do NOT get a car wash. Use the $9 and buy a bottle of water to get a better wash.