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  • Address:Central Point, 677 Harrisburg Pike, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 272-1268

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Danesha Lunsford: 05/02/2017 03:49

i think people come here to shop lift... smdh its crazy

R Hudson: 05/01/2017 17:16

Great pricing. Clean. Good meat. Frozen food isle especially in wall freezers usually a mess. Friendly staff. Hit or miss on produce.

Anthony Stromer: 05/01/2017 08:46

Great store ....they seem to run out of certain meat products fast though

verda ward: 04/24/2017 00:20

Shop 4 times a week or more very close to home. Great staff

Tabitha Thomas: 04/22/2017 22:57

Love the fact of the location, and the senior's can walk you that don't drive. Just acress the street.

Heather Davis: 03/24/2017 16:32

Was weary at first due to the location. But we live within a mile and really needed an item for a recipe. Nice, clean and bright. The price of the item we stopped for was much cheaper than Kroger or Giant Eagle. We will be back.

Terry Pereira: 03/20/2017 18:02

Always freindly and generaly have what I need

Christopher Crawley: 03/15/2017 16:49

Its clean, convenient, and has a friendly environment. It's never crowded and always clean

Donnie Morris: 03/14/2017 20:04


Sherrome Busby: 03/09/2017 19:29

Was redoing the layout last time I was there fair prices ok workers

Angelique Lyons: 03/07/2017 18:04

What a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Very convenient and also clean. Needs more cashiers

Amanda Murchison: 03/04/2017 11:07

Love this place and the employees

Chris Gregory: 03/02/2017 19:56

Affordable.... items I've grown to love and can only be found at Save-A-Lot stores, are always in stock.

Doris Wheeler: 02/28/2017 21:42

The store is very convenient to me the staff are always very friendly and helpful.

Mohamed Mawie: 02/23/2017 05:44

I liked all the good prices they have

Damien Rose: 02/13/2017 16:43

It is a typical dollar store. It could be cleaner, but it could be more dirty. It is just a middle of the road store.

Reggie Lumpkins: 02/11/2017 01:03

Great prices. Meat and produce is fresh.

Arty Eremenko: 01/28/2017 23:42

I shop there every month, and have helpful staff guide me and a security officer to protect me. They sell great products and delicious auntries.

Ray Floyd: 01/19/2017 10:21

Under new ownership. Store is always clean, and has lower prices on Grade A meat. Sales are weekly, and regardless of what you've heard before about this place.. they are highly recommended, especially for the area it is in. Upscale store compared to a few other locations.

Reginald Williams: 01/09/2017 21:41

I wish I could give these bumz half a star. This might be the worst store in America. No shopping karts and the cashier fights me for one. Horrible. No baskets. So I ask the chic. No basket no buggy. She says idk takes the buggy and walked away. I coulda snatched it and made a scene but I thought I review them and never go there again

Kristine Ferrell: 01/07/2017 08:28

I shop here all the time. I get good deal and the people that work there is so friendly and helpful.

Kathy Hazel: 12/28/2016 20:33

To slow. When its bust not enough cashiers

Teresa Grant: 11/18/2016 20:17

Friendly crew there do a good job stocking what they have.

shelly Thompson: 11/06/2016 18:50

Love the store. Fresh produce, large selection of meats very clean store only issue seems to be cashier has a awful attitude. I've been in maybe 6 times to do my grocery shopping for the week I go in early 830-9 and every time without fail there's a young lady working with the worse attitude even with the manager standing right there she can't seem to make herself be polite. I know it's early and it's a weekend but if your not happy to be there someone who needs and wants a job would definitely be happy to be there in your place. Maybe try and find that person Save a Lot

Ray Floyd: 10/13/2016 22:50

Unclean to say the least. I came in two days in a row just for convenience, there was chicken in a pack.. raw.. in the butter section. I came back the next day, and it was still in the same place. Frozen food section had opened vegetables on floor of display case. Workers smoking, and joking around on clock. Long lines.. NEED I SAY MORE?

John Smith: 09/05/2016 04:18

This store does not even deserve the one star I am giving them. I am a citizen what legally open carries a firearm. I was talked to by a manager (I believe his name was Mark) and he kept telling me do you know what concealed carry means. 1st off in the state of Ohio your allowed to open carry if you have no felons and you are above the age of 21. The other part of that is that your not allowed to open carry in a government building or a building that has a no gun sign on it. which this store did not have that sign. He clearly did not know the laws of the area in which he is living in yet he is in charge of a store. What he did was wrong on so many levels i cant even begin to list the reasons. I will never shop at save a lot again and strongly encourage others to follow in my path.

Ray Williams: 08/29/2016 08:53

The cashiers are very nice. They have great customer service.

O Mill: 08/26/2016 09:22

So far so good!! Cashier a little slow and threw pot pie's into cart last time I was in though :-(

Wilbert young: 08/08/2016 03:07

Excellent service

Karrilyn Leisure: 05/10/2016 08:01

Nasty dirty unfriendly customer service