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  • Address:1265 Morse Rd, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 447-8588

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Gina Swayne: 05/04/2017 19:21

Sells foods from all over the world. If you are from another country, you can buy some of your native foods. If you are American and like to try new foods, here's your chance. Just look up a recipe on Google. Great option for gourmet cooks to pick up hard to find foods.

Razak Bugri: 05/03/2017 20:08

It always great to go there. A lot of people , It always like a busy supermarket with no time to waste. Easy to find things there plus cheap or some of there are cheap. Love shopping there.

Timothy Petrie: 04/26/2017 18:15

This place is a fantastic market to spend way too long wandering. Definitely don't come here hungry! When I moved to Columbus I was amazed at how many little international markets and specialty grocers there were tucked in all over the place. If nothing else, Saraga has them all beat on scope. The store is as large as most big-name grocery stores, and its aisles are divided with one or two per nation/region---China, Japan, Korea, East Asia, Europe, America, Africa, India, Middle East---that's what I can recall off the top of my head! It's hard to pick just a few things this place is great for, but I can try. Firstly, if you're looking for unusual (by American standards) produce, this is the place. It all tends to be high quality and affordable, too. Secondly, there are so many sauces and seasonings here you could probably spend years trying them all. Third, their fresh meat and seafood counters are all impressive as well---you could reconstruct a duck head to toe if you wanted to. Variety and selection are well-represented. Also, the United States needs to step their candy and snack game up---the rest of the world is light years ahead in that realm! I do want to give a shout out to the little hidden gem that is Momo Ghar, a tiny Nepali restaurant inside Saraga. Their space and menu are small, but the food is phenomenal.

Andrew: 04/13/2017 07:03

This place is amazing. All kinds of food from around the globe, three different meat counters, and a couple of really great restaurants inside. Definitely make sure to hit the panaderia on your way out, it's shockingly cheap and they make a donut that is not to be missed. Also I just really like the atmosphere in here, it feels like a marketplace.

Avsar Aras: 01/14/2017 02:49

Saraga is a low profile store, it is a fact. We have been shopping here for 3 years. The market has a good variety but it is operated by crooks. They sell always, yes always expired products of all kinds. We buy unfortunately lots of stuff here due to proximity. Produce has a large variety but getting expensive and at least half of them should be thrown away. You can get much better produce and goods from other well known stores. We are cutting our shopping from Saraga gradually. Our shopping experience is real and we can prove with receipts with pics to show anyone what kind of store this is and save your visit there. I wish Kroger start to carry more international selections and we could shop with confidence without bearing the smell and low quality feel of Saraga.