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  • Address:5676 Emporium Square, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 899-0952

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Ray Cathode: 03/11/2017 06:31

Good service, good selection. Once I was in and found pastries from Detroit's Shatila bakery. Last time in they didn't have any... hope that was a fluke for Shatila's is the best.

michael duff: 03/07/2017 04:50

Great prices and selection along with great service. Man running the store when I was there was also very helpful and he also gave recipe suggestions to help as well.

Eating at April's: 02/12/2017 16:52

I've been shopping at Salaam since they opened. I came in initially out of curiosity, and then could not stop coming back. Everything they sell is amazing, and everybody is so friendly. I refer everybody I know there- even if it's just to buy coffees and teas. This is one of the best stores ever!

AA AA: 09/15/2016 18:43

their food is great but customer service is pretty bad, im a women and i walked in once while everyman who walked in after me was serviced, and listened to. Didn't t think to much of it, since i thought maybe they ordered and called ahead of time. Well they didnt talked to them about it and still was ignored. Food quality is great, its best to give credit where its due but wow thats no way of treating a human being.

Sharon Brumskine: 09/15/2015 17:01

I've visited this location several times. It is very clean and always stocked. The prices are reasonable. I'm from New York and the halal markets are quite different. I was expecting to see more fresh meet rather than frozen. The lack of customer service is what's stopping me from giving this review a full 5 stars. I am not of an Arab background so I am not used to the absence of someone to assist me when needed. Everything isn't priced and this makes it a bit difficult for me, I should not have to ask the price of every item that I want. If that can be changed I will gladly give my review 5 stars. Otherwise, the food is good quality and my experience was good with a little tweaking of some things it can be great!!! I'll choose a halal market any day over the commercial super markets.