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  • Address:5050 N Hamilton Rd, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 855-4900
  • Address:1661 Hilliard Rome Rd, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 771-4800

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Abhishek Malyala: 04/10/2017 15:48

Not very different from your average supermarket. I had a wonderful experience with the very friendly staff and the place is kept very clean. The people aren't just polite because they have to. They are sincerely polite, especially to elderly customers.

Kahyra T: 03/24/2017 23:05

Favorite place to buy groceries. The produce last a good amount of time. The staff are very helpful and kind. The store is clean and quiet. The prices are competitive. The parking lot is a little congested.

Jassmine Green: 02/12/2017 07:38

The workers didn't speak and I went down the aisle and was looking for something and this lady kept stocking her shelf and wouldn't stop to help. I felt the place was slight racist. So I will not be back. They need better customer service! Except for this lovely cashier Sarah. God bless you sweetheart!

Ben Rosh: 01/05/2017 15:19

They have postal services, western union, lottery at customer service desk. Also, very simple store to get around inside when shopping since aisles are wide. And, they have great prices when sales are offered......use of mperks discount program saves us lots of monies per year. Very friendly workers and managers throughout the store. And, the store is kept clean. Their meats election is filled with good butchered meats including lamb and veal. And, they bring in fish which is hard to find such as smoked white fish at low prices. In their fruits and vegetable aisles are items from all over the world and they keep it stocked well. Bakery and Deli are average in size and average in types of things offered but the foods there are pretty good.

Megan Dengel: 11/21/2016 20:36

Great place to shop when you need a little bit of everything. Store is organized, things are usually in-stock and they have decent sales. The only reason for the lower rating in because their check-out lines are way too long. It doesn't matter when time I'm there, they always have about 4 too few lines open.