Mecca International Market

United StatesOhioColumbus → Mecca International Market
  • Address:2256 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus
  • Phone:(614) 501-1550

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Cafiifah Mohamed: 03/09/2017 16:14

best merket,I love it and I like how the people there welcoming you

Connie Harris: 11/16/2016 13:16

My favorite Indian restaurant in Columbus, OH 43232, maybe favorite of all time.The chicken Kati Marsala is amazing. And it's the first place I've tried the dessert called "feudal". Loved it.Finally, the owners are really cool.You're welcomed back not as a customer but as a friend.

gulam memon: 09/15/2016 23:25

The Best Part Is They Greet you “Welcome to Mecca Market” I Like being Welcome . This Grocery is a Indian / Pakistani / African market. You'll find mostly Indian / Pakistani / African / Arbic packaged grocery, Fresh and Frozen Meat / frozen fish. They Also selection of organic produce. There's a huge row of 'em filled with all kinds of nuts, grains and other good stuff and Fresh vegetable for a Very Reasonable Price. I also like the staff. Everyone is friendly and very willing to help. The Owner also welcomes product requests, so if there's something you wish they'd carry, feel free to ask he said . My family Enjoys Kabab Roll and Biryani from There.

W Khaliq: 04/03/2016 21:35

Awesome place love their kabob rolls !! I always stop here when I'm traveling to or from east coast.Awsome people and they have place to make udu and pray

Mohamed Sadik Mk: 10/23/2015 20:04

Just give a call and collect your meat,Nice service, Fresh and Cheap