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Tyler Lacks: 04/29/2017 02:37

Huge selection of everything. The food services are delicious. The food court are is nice to enjoy a meal made by a chef downstairs or a beverage with a friend. Great wine selection and liquor store in house. The floural service is absolutely perfect and probably the most helpful out there. Quick checkouts most of the time outside of Sunday brunch time.

Timothy Petrie: 04/22/2017 20:52

Great higher-end grocery store. I wouldn't necessarily want to do my everyday shopping here as the prices aren't always the best, but if there's an unusual ingredient or something I need to find it'll probably be here. Awesome produce department. Great prepared foods, excellent stop for lunch. Definitely worth keeping an eye on sales as well.

Daniel Langstaff: 04/17/2017 03:34

The employees are great, and the cafe area is awesome. The cafe is closed from 2am to 6am though. Lots of students study here, but all nighters are frowned on. Still it's like studying next to the world's largest fridge. Way better than campus.

Ryan Kerns: 04/06/2017 20:52

Not only is the staff rude but the customers are too. I've never felt more unwanted in a public place before in my life. I guess that's what you get for trying to shop in Upper Arlington. However, my experience at this store was horrible, specifically from the management. I looked for an open checkout to no avail. I opted to go to the self checkout and do it myself (even though I'm paying more for my items then I could get at Kroger's or Meijer). I found an open one but saw people waiting in line for a cashier so I hesitated to make sure no one was waiting for it or claimed it. Before I could start my transaction I was stopped by a manager to let some customers from the cashier's line to go ahead of me. I would have been alright with it if I was asked politely or if they didn't have a full cart compared to my 6 or 7 items. The manager just rudely stopped me and asked me to move. After being treated rude from multiple customers and staff I clearly wasn't wanted there so I left my items and walked out. I will not be back and I warm anyone from going unless you like being treated as a lesser human being.

Heather Davis: 03/16/2017 16:48

Awesome. Close enough to work that I can walk there on lunch. There is a bar with several craft beers and they have happy hpur. The freshly prepared food choices are many. The pizza is awesome and the sushi. The beer/wine section is huge with a great selection. The only complaint I have is the same I always have for Giant Eagle, it's pricey for same items you can get elsewhere for half the price.

Elise Moore: 03/14/2017 17:55

Great place to eat. Loved the yellow curry chicken. It was enough for two meals. The sushi looked great. Good fresh fruits and vegetables. Free tea at the entrance. What's not to like?

Elise Moore: 03/12/2017 16:13

Best chicken yellow curry ever. It is big enough for two or maybe three. I had it with brown rice, my husband tried over noodles. The sushi looked excellent. So many interesting dishes to try. Free tea at the door. Interesting place to shop but even better place to eat.

Mooserella 76: 03/03/2017 16:34

I'm not keen on this type of grocery store. If I'm going to a market I want a real Seattle type market with action and fresh items rolling in while you're strolling. But hey some love this so check out out if that's your thing. It caters to those who don't want to cook with all the prepared offerings. Easy in and out. Convenient for campus people.

Jennifer McCourt: 01/14/2017 01:39

Great selection of food, especially specialty meets and cheeses. Pick up groceries or food to go and enjoy a glass of wine while shopping or waiting. There's also seating area if you get food and want to eat it there. The burgers are amazing as are the subs. There's a hot bar and salad bar and plenty of other fresh prepared, while you wait, food to enjoy as well.

Christopher Miller: 12/30/2016 19:35

They put the super in supermarket - this store is like no other [in Columbus] in terms of both the immense selection and wonderful presentation. You'd have to go to Brooklyn or Chicago or San Francisco to find a better super supermarket. There is a marked difference between this Giant Eagle and "regular" Giant Eagles. Kroger's upscale mega locations don't quite compare either.