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Britt Abe: 05/02/2017 21:35

Friendly service. Very good food and very quick. No complaints would definitely come back.

Angela 1980: 03/28/2017 05:31

Not the cleanest store in town but they are close to me and I do shop here from time to time for a few small items,mostly pop,juice. They have a good variety of things that you may need,although they don't have the cigarettes or beer that I like, but that's ok. And most of their prices are decent except I can't see paying $5 for a 3liter of coke or Pepsi when you can get a 12 or sometimes a 24 pack for that price. Their meat market doesn't look very clean or sanitary either,but I've never bought anything from it though. And they are not in the best/safest place in the area but you have to take it for what it is. So just be cautious when in the area and be aware of your surroundings :). I hope that this review can help you or others!!! Thanks for reading.

Camo Force: 03/19/2017 04:36

I find and found out the hard way that these reviews are accurate, indeed... So let me do someone else a favor if YOU heed the warning. I don't feel like typing or have much time... So bad, bad, SUPER bad service etc!!!!

Mary Semeraro: 02/23/2017 18:04

Very not happy with the customer service. Rude cashiers and people who no care to have happy work. The quality of meat is not take. Good care. Very sad because this was a place I loved to go. No more , will be looking elsewhere for much better quality food and customer service . I also been going here for two years. No more. Very disappointed.

Joseph McCoy: 02/07/2017 01:24

Great food... if you're deaf the music is blaring so loud I can't even hear and some of the people seem like they came out of jail hanging out at the bar... whenever I go there I take a knife with me .