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  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:3325 W Genesee St, Syracuse
  • Phone:(315) 487-1581

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Jesse Reid: 05/03/2017 00:00

Product quality is great. Cost, crowds and parking lot traffic are great reasons to explore other options for groceries. They're also constantly moving products around in the store making each visit less enjoyable than the last

Jim Eustice: 04/16/2017 20:29

It's a Wegmans. It's clean. You buy food there. You go home with food. Simple

Shoshanna Ochocki: 03/31/2017 03:25

Horrible customer service. They refused to accept my out of state ID because "it doesn't look like the New York ones". The female manager asked me to explain why mine looked different and as I tried to explain, she yelled over me and was extremely rude. This is the only wegmans that I have shopped at in Syracuse, and I've never had a problem with my ID before. I definitely would not recommend going here if you have an ID from any other state.

Nunna Ubizness: 02/25/2017 17:43

Heads up, Deneen Cole: What the manager told you is correct. Employees do NOT need to wear gloves when handling food which will be cooked. That's the law, and you should call the state health department if you need to confirm this information. I worked in one of their stores until 2014, and I asked the pizza department manager the same question because most of her people weren't wearing gloves. I got the same explanation. I was present when state health inspectors arrived for regular visits. If glove rules were being broken, they would've crushed our store with fines. You may still see employees wearing gloves when they don't have to, and that's a matter of preference and/or logistics. As far as your difficulty getting some custom-sliced meat, I'll bet you rolled in when they were already cleaning the department in the evening. Staffing is minimal at that time of day. That's normal (and smart). Call ahead next time instead of being a whining princess.

Dennis Donovan: 12/21/2016 16:15

It's Wegmans! If you don't know what that means you need to go there! This is the flagship location for the Syracuse area so if you are interested in the best Wegmans experience there is to offer check this place out! Once you go to Wegmans any other grocery store chain will leave you feeling empty inside. Since it is among the best grocery shopping experiences in Syracuse they do very busy at peak hours. Due to no fault of the business some shoppers seem to have never been in a social setting before and will stop at random in the middle of an aisle to chat with other shoppers. Admittedly it is easy to get lost in a trance here since the experience is so out of this world. Can't recommend these guys enough! Go there!