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  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:3701 Mt Read Blvd, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 663-4120
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:2301 Lyell Ave, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 429-4400
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:650 Hylan Dr, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 424-7255
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:525 Titus Ave, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 266-4090
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:3177 Latta Rd, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 723-8260
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:1750 East Ave, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 244-7950
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:745 Calkins Rd, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 334-4010
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:3175 Chili Ave, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 426-5010
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:2833 W Ridge Rd, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 723-6000
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:2200 East Ridge Road, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 342-4810
  • Website:www.wegmans.com
  • Address:3195 Monroe Ave, Rochester
  • Phone:(585) 586-6680

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Mike Dapiran: 05/03/2017 18:28

A good selection of produce that seems fresh. The register lines move quickly. The staff is friendly.

Dennis DeYoung: 05/03/2017 05:02

Huge Wegmans! As always very nice and with lots of options. Great place for lunch!

Mike Dapiran: 05/03/2017 03:38

Very clean and friendly. The cashiers move the lines quickly. Excellent grocery store.

Scott Martin: 05/02/2017 21:07

terrible like all the others. produce is either 3 weeks from being ripe or 3 days past. their strawberry display is literally trays full of mold. want some non-wegmans brand.. i dunno, cheese? sorry, won;t find that here! looking for customer service? HA. ask the deli to cut some meat for ya, they'll grimace and act like you asked them to lick their grandma.

Robert Consalvo: 05/02/2017 19:40

It has a bunch of foods I love just too much of its own brand

Melissa Ann: 04/28/2017 17:46

Open 24hrs, amazing food and relatively cheap prices, great customer service, clean restrooms. Has ample seating over by prepared foods and the sub and hot food counters with several TVs . Plenty of parking with security cameras, staff and helpers outside as well as brightly lit

Angela lugo: 04/27/2017 21:19

Love wegmans. Their selection of hot foods and premade meals are great! They really help when I run out of ideas for dinner or need something quick and easy for lunch.

Kyle Baker: 04/25/2017 21:12

Love this store! Always clean and organized. Theres a sense of quality as soon as you walk in. Recent upgrades to the pharmacy make it look nicer too. I dont remember if there have been any recent layout changes either so things are quite easy to find.

Amber Thompson: 04/24/2017 03:25

Not my favorite Wegmans because they dont offer some of the products that other locations do but I am a dedicated Wegmans shopper. One thing that drives me crazy, they move things around too often. You get used to placement then they change it up.

Brenda Teegarden: 04/22/2017 22:28

The store does not carry the samething as the other wegmans stores. Also set up of the store is not the same at every store. I spend to much time looking around for things when I go to different locations. Sometimes leaving without anything because it's to frustrating, or they end up not having it. Also there prices have been increasing lately.

Randy Book: 04/21/2017 05:26

Store and pharmacy staff are great, ESPECIALLY the pharmacy! I went through hell and high water with insurance and a prescription for my girlfriend after the traumatic birth of our child, and they were right next to me fighting for me every step of the way!

Debbie Santano-Muffoletto: 04/20/2017 18:48

great place, everything I could possibly want they had, like a mini mall! Their workers were helpful, incredible store!

Brianna Johnson: 04/20/2017 06:39

I have been coming to this store, since it started, and I was just a little girl. It is fantastic! However, over the last year or so, the expiration dates are very close on just about everything fresh now, routinely doesn't restock items that are popular for weeks, and I have consistently heard from numerous friends that it isn't that great of a place to work anymore. Overall, in comparison to other grocers, it is a cut above the rest. It isn't too bad for select items price-wise, and a fantastic source of specialty goods! Also, if you are moving they give away banana boxes i you call the produce department a day ahead.

Lynn Atwater: 04/19/2017 23:43

I ordered the flowers from my wedding from this Wegmans, and they did a wonderful job! I spoke with Michael who understood what I was asking for and took notes on everything I wanted. I would definitely recommend them highly!

Drew Gramlich: 04/14/2017 08:36

It's Wegmans! Parking is often horrible, EDIT: it's gotten better since they REadded the rear exit on the one way, but it's not a surprise being that it's located in the city. Besides the parking, things are well stocked and I've never experienced any issues here. GREAT staff here from any department, from fine cheeses (seriously they send these guys into caves where they grow cheese for months) to cold cuts. By far my favorite Wegmans to date. Over the course of a few years after their renovations, they're no longer 4 stars, it's easily 5. PS. Beer selection is amazing here and comparable to Victor, Pittsford and Webster.

Willie Kegler: 04/07/2017 23:33

Clean, price label clear to see, Fast moving lines! Friendly and helpful workers.

Ursula Hink: 04/03/2017 22:27

Very friendly people, catering is great. Prepared foods are very good. I do most of my grocery shopping here.

Torrie Mack: 04/03/2017 00:58

I simply love Wegmans!! I'd rather go here than to go clothes shopping. Seriously...I love this place. The people are super friendly, they don't mind assisting you, and they do it with a smile every time. They want every visit to be an experience not just running to the grocer to pick something up. Koodos you....

Alex Kolberg: 03/30/2017 03:47

All produce in the store is of the best quality, butcher and cold cut staff are always helpful, prepared meals are cheap and tasty, the buffet bars are always stocked, and the whole store is amazingly clean and organized

Vikram Raja: 03/29/2017 20:36

Good place to shop for foodstuff. They offer cooked foods as well as fresh vegetables and other prepackaged stuff. They are a little on the pricey side but their quality of food is also better

Bonita Lipp: 03/28/2017 13:39

Great place to shop! Folks that work there are very helpful. As always a large variety of everything thank you Wegmans.

Hannah Foster: 03/26/2017 19:58

My first time at a Wegmans..... Love it! Best grocery store I've ever visited. Even better than Publix!

Jennifer Dodd: 03/25/2017 16:31

Wegmans is a gem in Rochester. This Wegmans has a place where they will watch your kids where you shop, it has a family restroom for privacy, and when I had lunch there they had a highchair for my daughter to sit in. Amazing customer service. They always strive for the best.

Larry G: 03/24/2017 02:24

No matter if each layout of the store differs slightly, Wegmans is consistent in quality and choice. Every store I walk into offers the same impeccable shopping experience and quality stuff!

Darrick Adams: 03/23/2017 03:30

Wegmans has been my preferred supermarket since age 5...no one has fresher vegetables and fruit...the store has an outstanding cleanliness record, and the prices are for the most part equivalent to the quality. If you're an out-of-towner, start at Wegmans first!!! 30+ years loyal shopper

Arnold Bennigsohn: 03/22/2017 22:45

Clean well stocked most of the time. Very crowded. Check out isles are way too small. A little,more elbow room would be nice. Very friendly knowledgeable staff like all Wegmans stores.

Ryan Cleckner: 03/22/2017 17:31

I love this store. Who knew there was a sitter service at this Wegmans!? Every once and a while it's easier to shop solo or if you need a quick wind down and just need to shop it's handy. Plus the store had everything we needed.

Brian Cushing: 03/19/2017 17:11

Wegmans fan, new store, lots of great food. Their subs are the best. Cannot get any better subs anywhere. They serve pizza,wings, sushi ,Chinese,soups and on and on. Great place to shop for food.

Derrick Williams: 03/14/2017 22:59

I think this location has the best pizza. They also have a good beer selection. The parking is a huge lot that never fills.

Mike D'Agostino: 03/12/2017 18:44

Very clean and organized. The staff is wonderful and the facilities are always kept above expectations. Friendly atmosphere with a wide variety of products

Joshua Smith: 03/10/2017 23:12

Wegmans is a model of customer experience and service. They clearly understand the crucial importance of providing value to their customers. Their staff are excellent. I wish all retail outlets had this level of professionalism,commitment and service, they could learn allot from Wegmans.

Cindy Campbell: 03/09/2017 02:57

Okay, I love Wegmans as a whole. The meat is fresh, the fruit is fresh. They get alot of local produce.it's clean. It's completely accessible. Someone will even shop with you for accessibility reasons if you call ahead. They will take your bags to your car. For the items I buy they cost less than Tops. At East Ave the have small sizes and single packaged items. The staff is helpful and courteous. I do have a few issues. 1) Slowly there is an increase of Wegmans brand while other brand disappear. I like a choice. When this happens the label indicates it was packaged in Rochester but doesn't tell me where the product originates. 2) They redid the East Ave store to make it bigger but put that restaurant in it and took up valuable space. They have so many displays in the aisles and near the registers it's hard to get around. 3) And the parking! Thank goodness they have employees park underneath but why didn't they put more underground parking. Who's paying the City of Rochester police to direct traffic in the Wegmans lot?

Anita Frail: 03/07/2017 18:35

Best place to shop in this area. Though some things are more expensive than other stores if u take the time to cruise the aisles they have some good deals. Great coffee bar and a variety of cooked food with a clean spacious dining area. Rest rooms area always clean and fresh 24/7. Checkout lines run smoothly, never an excessive wait no matter how busy the store is. All employees go out of their way to accommodate you. I will only buy my fresh produce, meat and dairy products here

Jon Bray: 03/03/2017 12:53

Great selection of all the staple foods. Their fruits and produce is always top notch and usually pretty well stocked. The great selection comes with the drawback of a very crowded feeling store although the layout is logical and well planned; I always avoid this location during peak hours. Prepared foods are extremely overpriced for the quality (comparable to tapas at a mediocre café). The sub shop is fantastic, and everything is always fresh. Customer service is extremely friendly and the large selection of "Family Pack" items can lead to good savings if you shop right.

Peter Minchak: 03/01/2017 01:28

Convenient, easy to get to, wider selection of items than Ridge-Culver Wegmans.

Daniel Hannah: 02/25/2017 03:56

Great quality produce, and the pizza and subs are delicious. Sushi is made fresh, and the wokery is well-stocked, if not a little over priced. I'm always impressed by the young people that work here, I can tell they try very hard to hire hard-working, respectful employees.

Dave Ghidiu: 02/20/2017 07:55

Best grocery experience ever. This is one of their flagship stores. I've never had a bad experience here. The staff members are amazing!!! The produce, meat, and fish are always top notch. It's a great shopping experience - and the have a great coffee selection so you can grab some while you shop. The attached restaurant is great, too!

Jon Fleig: 02/17/2017 18:44

There is quite a bit of variation in among Wegmans stores, depending on their size, age, and target community. East Ave is my "home" store. It's great for quick in-and-out at off-peak times, but the parking lot is crazy during the evening commute hours. A large fraction of the store is devoted to prepared foods and ready-to-eat meals that I don't buy, which leaves a lot less space for the fresh produce, meat, and staple groceries that I do buy. Other Wegmans stores like Pittsford have enormous ready-to-eat sections, but at least they have groceries too. The East Ave store, being half that size, delivers a decidedly less satisfactory experience in both areas. I will give Wegmans credit for building a new store on the edge of the city, instead of closing down the old store, but it's a continuing disappointment to me that the new East Ave store is twice the size of the old one, yet carries such a limited grocery selection.

Elizabeth Stevens: 02/15/2017 09:03

Consistently fresh produce, bakery, deli and more, but you do pay for the quality. Staff at pharmacy and food counters are always wonderful. I highly recommend the fresh local and import cheeses. Market Cafe has a good selection for buffet and premade dinners but taste quality can vary significantly. Specific section with options for special diets (like allergies!) is indispensable for those in need of it.

Julie Alberts: 02/06/2017 17:19

Good produce selection and nature's marketplace. .Store feels crowded and crammed in though.

Matt Parker: 01/25/2017 20:38

My go-to Wegmans. A massive selection of food. Doesn't always have all the brand options, but often makes up for that with Wegmans branded goods, which are generally great. The self serve and pre-prepared options are hit or miss, but there is a large selection so you will be able to find something. The organization is often confusing, but there is an app that I use which helps a lot

Kate Landschoot: 01/25/2017 20:06

One of my favorite Wegmans to shop at, this location has almost all of the offerings Wegmans provides. This location does have a WKids station where free babysitting services are offered for 1 hour of hassle free grocery getting for children 3-9. (Make sure they are freshly potties first prior to dropping them off.) A great natural foods selection, as well as good hot/prepared foods to choose from. Their pizza and subs are always great, and the coffee bar puts out fantastic drinks. A great example of the chain!

JK JK: 01/09/2017 17:24

This is such a nice Wegmans store. So expansive and so much food to offer. Great selection of prepared foods and food to order. The various sections in the store offer lots of top quality options in bakery, meat, produce, floral, etc. I live over an hour away and if I'm in the area I always try to stop off here to grab a bite to eat rather than a mainstream chain. The only negative of this location is that it can be busy and hard to find parking, but that's because so many people love this place.

matt phillips: 01/07/2017 22:50

The prepared food section is good in a pinch for lunch. Store remains one of the older ones.

Gloria Jackson: 01/05/2017 20:16

The best supermarket in upstate New York. Love everything about this organization. They have a wonderful staff. Everything about Wegmans is 1st class and priced fairly.