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Georgina Beers: 11/24/2016 16:49

'Been shopping there for 30+ yrs. Italian durum flour pasta galore, cheeses, spices, imported coffees and sweets, olive oils, 25Lbs bags of flour (including high gluten), all kinds of cooking utensils, etc etc. Just as in Toronto the Dimpflmeier bakery is a must, Olindos is in Rochester. Mrs Filomena may greet you at the door!

Austin Terrigino: 12/07/2015 03:52

Been getting the best cheese from here with my dad since I was little and now living on my own I still go there. An awesome hidden rochester gem.

Michael Belluomo: 07/29/2015 18:03

A simply wonderful Italian market. "Old Country" charm. I was born is Rochester but now live in Wichita, KS (where authentic Italian food is in short supply). So whenever I visit family in Rochester I always bring an empty suitcase to fill up with cheese and meats from Olindo's!

Hobo Kin: 12/23/2014 00:28

Great selection of Italian pastas and cheeses. We buy the 40 lb bag of semolina at ridiculously low prices several times each year. A lot of restaurant supplies as well. Great coffee selection and always a bargain waiting around the corner.

Rudolph Bistrovich: 05/09/2014 04:56

It is cool having a place that makes a person from Italy feel like they are back at home. They have many many different important goods from Italy and the prices are very decent. They have a great cheese selection. My only complaint is that the vegetables aren't always that fresh looking and the store is kind of dirty. Just be sure to check the expiration date of anything you are purchasing because they don't always clear the shelves of older products.