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  • Address:700 Thruway Plaza Drive, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 929-0380
  • Opening Hours Today: close
  • : close
  • Tuesday: 08:30-00:00
  • Wednesday: 08:30-00:00
  • Thursday: 08:30-00:00
  • Friday: 08:30-00:00
  • Saturday: 08:30-00:00, 09:00-18:00
  • Sunday: close

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Xinovir Prince: 04/27/2017 22:17

Amazing customer service! Employees are highly friendly and greet you as you walk within the aisles. It is fast service and they carry a huge variety of both, brand names and store brand name items. Customer Service desk is available here. MetroPCS is also available here. Excellent place to save and not to forget their fresh vegetables and fruits.

ButteredTrolls: 04/21/2017 00:22

abysmal. "Hey you got a dollah" should be the greeting because its what i hear when leaving, every single time. In addition to the panhandling outside, the smell of cigarettes being smoked by the entrance is enough to want to bring a gas mask. The store is dirty and the employees are outright rude. The employees are so slow that their employment should really be reconsidered. I guess if it was all self-service, the usual patrons of the store would just steal the merchandise, who knows. Wouldn't put it past 'em. I cannot explain in words how much i hate this store. If the pharmacist "Ed" wasn't there then we would never step foot in that hell-hole ever again. He is the one single reason why we come to that location. 5 stars for you Ed!!!!! If 0 stars were an option that's what I would give, but its going to have to be a 1--under protest. Get your act together over there.

Suzy Vergo: 04/11/2017 18:21

Definitely not a top notch Tops. The bathroom is always deplorable. The last time I stopped in to buy a drink and use the restroom there was no toilet paper, no toilet covers, not even any soap and the room was generally a pig sty. I was SOL. As I left I saw another lady going to use the restroom and warned her of the dire situation. She just laughed and said she knows better and brings her own toilet paper.

jasmine acevedo: 04/08/2017 19:51

Nice, neat, and well stocked. Staff members are wonderful most the time. But security needs improvement. I've had a few times​ I've felt unsafe because of a few sketchy characters in the store.

Brandon Mcwhirter: 04/04/2017 03:58

Great supermarket with nice deli and prepared foods. Large parking lot with gas station. Friendly and helpful staff.

Osprey Hawk: 04/03/2017 02:40

Go to Wegman's. You may save a few dollars here but the produce is digusting and the seafood is grotesque. I bought a "fresh" shark steak- it stunk of ammonia (meaning it's nothing close to fresh). I would rather pay $5 more dollars on my overall bill and have reliable and consistent fresh food than gamble with whatever Tops believes is fresh.

Sarah Leonard: 03/31/2017 20:53

Could use people who are a little faster but stock boys are very helpful

Virginia Giambelluca: 03/29/2017 19:06

People are reAlly nice and friendly there

Mark Zalikowski: 03/23/2017 19:14

Great location, very clean and well organized, Tim Horton's inside also.

Alec Frampton: 03/20/2017 07:00

This store has 9/10 items grocery wise. Tons of selection. Prices on some things there run a bit steep. They have a self-checkout, which is great if you only have about 12 items and don't want to wait in line for a while. They also have a coinstar for getting rid of change and a front office where you can play the lotto, pay bills, wire money, etc.

Michael Thompson: 03/18/2017 18:28

A decent place to go for groceries but fruit and veggies aren't as fresh as Wegmans a block away. I go here if I don't feel like being aggravated with the mob of shoppers at Wegmans.

Julietta Naccarato: 03/13/2017 17:28

It's a Tops... they're all basically the same. Always has what I need. Seems to get UB kids by the busload, but I've never had any issues getting in and out. Beware - after ten PM they lock down the entrances so the only way to get into the store is through the self-checkout lanes. Park and go through the left door so you don't have to trudge all the way around.

Brian Jaeckle: 03/12/2017 16:25

It may not be as big as the other tops but its very convenient and surprisingly has a wide range of products cheap!

Tracy Santana: 03/01/2017 05:14

Nice place.. Good to shop. Hot bar and deli, bakery and variety of foods.

Katherine Chojnicki: 02/09/2017 06:41

700 Thruway Plaza Drive Buffalo NY 14225 Just left this store and am absolutely disgusted with the employees relations with customers. I had to get a babysitter for my two children and finally got out of the house to get groceries for the week only to get completely disrespected. I had a cart full of groceries $230 worth and when the only cashier on with her light on saw my cart she said she had to go on break and was closed. Mind you she was still cashing someone out ahead of me and had no sign saying she was closing and again her light was still on. She had no cashier to relieve her for break. I asked where I'm supposed to cash out and she states the self check out. Never have I ever cashed out a $230 order at self check out. Completely not what the self check is for. I had bags lined up on the floor. Absolutely the worst experience. Will NEVER be back to this store. The self check out employee was avoiding me the entire time because he knew I was so angry. I ended up dropping a yogurt as well all because my order was WAY too large for self check out area. I tried to call the store twice after to file a complaint and needless to say no one answered I'm not surprised because clearly no one wants to work at this location. If I didn't make arrangements and need all my groceries I would have left them there. I'll stick with Wegmans from now on!

Lauren Kaczynski: 02/07/2017 00:41

This TOPS location is always quiet and clean. It's always well stocked and organized and the adjacent Tim Horton's is a definite plus.

Nevaeh Marie: 02/05/2017 19:03

Thank you so much to Carmen who gave us a free first birthday cake your amazing and glad we meet you

Dee Sanchez: 02/02/2017 19:55

Some days are better than others. Especially when it comes to staff friendliness and attitude

Cheryl Covier: 01/22/2017 07:37

I stopped in after working evening shift for a few items. The girl started announcing overhead "the store will be closing in 10 minutes..." okay I know they do that. Then she again announces "the store will be closing in 8 minutes..." then "the store will will be be closing in 6 minutes..." She was so annoying as if saying we don't want you here so get out. What would have taken me about three minutes to go in and get and pay for took longer with her unnecessary nerve wracking distractions every two minutes. Then the guard locked the door where my car was parked and would not let me out that side instead making me use the other door and walk around the entire front of the store to where my car was parked. Probably to beat the crowd of one other.

Leanne Mandia: 01/16/2017 14:25

Across the street from my house, has everything I need, has Tim Horton's inside along with an M&T bank, can cash checks for a dollar, great deli, good food they make and cakes, very convenient!

Do Your Thing: 12/05/2016 07:33

I love the self check out.

Nylina Luciano: 11/01/2016 01:05

They have a good selection of groceries. Prices can be a bit steep at times but if you keep tabs on there weekly flier you can find quite a few good deals. I especially like the gas points incentive. Saves me money on food and gas.

Christopher Martone: 09/16/2016 06:34

Rude staff. Cashier made comment about the amount of food I bought. Are you kidding me? If I didn't buy your food your ass wouldn't have a job! I never go to this location, it's very ghetto anyway and the produce is crappy.

Leon Luscius: 08/04/2016 01:27

A relatively sanitary experience. Tops is good at what they do. They provide all the produce you may need in a clean and sanitary environment. They have improved their customer services in the last few years. Although they provide nutrition information, one can often feel as if the are working on behalf of their suppliers, rather than the customer. Other than that, they are a decent place to shop.

Alan J: 12/19/2015 07:10

A bit run down. Selection isn't the best. Always long lines at customer service and check out. Prices are high if you are buying items not on sale. Super friendly pharmacists, though!