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Leonard Jacobson: 02/24/2017 05:40

I like the Fish & Chips! If You're expecting a Fish Fry, it's not the same thing! Their assortment of Pies are great! Love the Steak & Ale pie!

Andrew Tarn: 02/11/2017 20:31

It took me a while to order thinking yea right another pseudo English pie maker, was I ever wrong, the pork pies are heaven, sausages even better. I just got my second shipment yesterday, the Philly pie was a dream and the bacon I had this morning was..well it was English bacon, outstanding. I look forward to trying the rest of the pies I bought, I have had nothing but excellence so far and can't say enough good about these people.

Christina Clowes: 02/06/2017 00:47

Sadly I've been here twice now and each time it's been disappointing. I'm from England too, so I really wanted to give the place a good rating, but I just can't do that. The fish was soggy and way too greasy, and the chips just tasteless. If this place was in England and you had your pick of a dozen or more fish & chip shops close to where you lived, this would be the one you'd never go to, even if it were the closest. The owner guy was a bit off too, really not at all friendly, like he had more important things to do than talk with us despite doing nothing else all the time we were there. Very odd. You can seriously get a much better fish fry at like hundreds of places in Western New York on any Friday of the year. We will not be returning.

Angela Burns: 01/25/2017 19:13

I ordered Pork Pies, pasties, bacon and sausage online, they arrived beautifully frozen. They tell you to bake the pork pies in the oven, I did as I have never had a frozen pork pie before, (only fresh) but for me this was a big mistake as all the jelly ran out of the pie because the pastry was cracked. The pie tasted great but if you want a traditional pork pie, do not bake them. Throughly enjoyed everything. Since living in the US I have made my own pork pies but will order in the future, I just wish they would cook them a little longer to a nice dark brown.

Kasey Zielinski: 01/03/2017 00:20

Not very friendly throughout visit. I felt like I was bothering the guy. We were the only people there. Whole piece of fish vs pieces you could pick up. Batter was crispy but gummy inside. Not what I was expecting. $13 for fish and chips only. People in Buffalo can get a better fish experience at virtually any local restaurant with salads and have it served for the same price.