Marina Market

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  • Address:31 Marine Dr, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 852-0145

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Demetrius Lee: 01/25/2017 02:12

Not much their but customer service is nice

20107PM: 12/06/2016 20:04

This place is just dirty and nasty. The staff friendly, food ok, but questionable sometimes. Like the pizza sitting for hours and they will give you a slice that looks old.

Dave McGuire: 11/19/2016 18:35

Great food. Get the godmother or the godfather hot sandwich, you won't be disappointed

Theodore Trokhymenko: 08/06/2016 19:30

Too expensive. Dirty. Some good don't have prices so you always ask it.

Risque euqsiR: 08/06/2015 22:04

I have been coming to the market for many many years and until today my service has been good. Today was a total let down from the cashier and the owner. They both provided horrible customer service. We live in a society where Internet is the key to information. When going to a restaurant or a store you use the Internet to view menus and items the store offers. You expect the information provided to be updated and accurate. If not that establishment is held liable for providing false information. For example, If Wegmans advertises one price but you get to the register and are charged something different they are required by law honor the advertised price. This is a LAW. But fine that you may not be on the Wegmans level. Right is right. I have no issue with price changes but you must keep information consistent or remove it. And when it is brought to your attention acknowledge the mistake don't become combative and argumentative. You get a "F" in customer service today Andy and the brunette with the glasses ( name escapes me )