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Jane S.: 03/17/2017 00:07

The good: cold subs and cold sandwiches, containers of spices The bad: Hot subs and hot sandwiches, for example, the chicken Parmesan sub I had today was absolutely repulsive. The chicken was cold and rubbery, and had the thinnest layer of breading you could ever imagine. Completely gross. Spinach frittata tasted like just plain eggs and plain spinach. No flavor whatsoever. They didn't even add any salt when making it! Horrible. Furthermore, they just raised their prices on everything. The chicken parm sub was $9.99 and the tiny spinach frittata was $4.99. This place is going downhill fast. I think 2.5 would be an accurate rating, but since Google doesn't have that yet, I will round down to 2 because the negatives outweighs the positives.

Mary Johnson: 02/09/2017 20:48

First time ever coming here. I was a bit surprised at the prices at first but when I saw the portions I changed my mind. I ordered the little joe and some of the sausage tortellini soup. The soup was in a big size (for a small) and it was heavenly. You could tell it was handmade. Great flavor too. The sandwich was awesome too. It was the freshest tasting Olive oil I've had. Its worth the cost. Will definitely be back and bringing friends.

Craig D: 02/05/2017 21:06

Good authentic Italian!

Dana Auman: 11/23/2016 21:03

Great place, the Friday personal pizzas are absolutely delicious!

Timothy Taylor: 10/03/2016 03:25

Great local lunch spot, just moved into spacious new store front. One of my favorite lunch spots.