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  • Address:2896 Delaware Ave, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 447-8989

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Dave Shedd: 04/09/2017 08:01

Authentic soft tacos, served up quick. Pile on the fresh-chopped fixings to your taste. All the varieties are $2.50 (steak, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, etc). Two or three makes a healthy meal.

Anthony Cipoletti: 03/23/2017 22:17

Best tacos in buffalo. Real mexican taste, this shop focuses on the food. The market even feels like a hole in the wall market that also serves tacos. Highly recommend.

Christian Martinez: 02/10/2017 23:45

I've been back 3 times since the raid and the first two, admittedly, were just not that good. BUT! I went back today and they got it back together, thank goodness! They have three to four authentic cooks behind the counter that really know what they're doing and the magic is back. After my last two experiences there I was left disappointed, chasing a high that I thought I would never get again. I got it back today and it was better than ever. I love this place... STILL the best taco in the city.

Justin Smith: 12/31/2016 10:37

Updating - I think 4 stars is about right these days. Still great sides and sauces. Plenty to choose from and unlimited amounts. The tacos are still good. But two recent experiences (since the reopen) haven't quite hit the mark. I'll keep going, still very good, but hoping they come back up a little.

Tyler McAlinn: 10/07/2016 02:00

Stopped here today for lunch. Heard great things about it and had been meaning to try it for a while. Definitely lives up to the hype. The tacos are reasonably priced and there is a ton of different kinds. The slightly crispy corn tortillas are delicious and the filling portions are generous. It'll cost extra for sour cream and cheese, but it's worth it. I got 2 chicken tacos and 1 steak and I'd have to say they are the best tacos I ever had. Authentic Mexican cuisine at a great price. Definitely a new favorite of mine.