Elmwood Market

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  • Address:214 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 881-3881

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Nonamemagu: 03/19/2017 17:48

Good deli makes food fast lots of selection on goods decent prices

Lisa Benton: 03/07/2017 22:52

Love their food , Subs, and Hot Subs. Tim Hortons is also inside.

Hector Velez: 10/16/2016 08:30

This place can definitely be a 4-5 star market if it where managed better. I understand the saying, Good help is hard to find" but the search should continue. The gentlemen at the register are just that; Gentlemen. They are the reason why I still go back but unfortunately that great experience ends when you venture over to the deli and hot foods end. I've order from cold to hot sandwiches from here and it's a hit or miss experience. Sometimes you get what you asked for and sometimes you don't. To make a long story short; the worst would be the first time I decided to try they're breakfast sandwich. I ordered 2 sausage, egg, hash brown and cheese sandwiches and in return I got one with everything I asked for and the other without the hash brown; ok I could deal with that! I sat down and took a bite and Crunch! In an egg sandwich there are two things I could not deal with and that's egg shells or an over fried egg to the point where its crispy! Behold both sandwiches had burnt eggs in them to the point where I would of never put it into someones sandwich. I was so discussed that I lost my appetite and threw them away. I still go here because its on my way to work and as I said the cashier's service is excellent. Accassionally I'll order a sandwich if I see this particular person behind the deli because he has yet to destroy my sandwich and I have hope for the rest of them but I don't order anything egg anymore.

Michael M: 09/14/2016 09:17

The first breakfast sandwich I got from here was top notch. Subsequent ones weren't as good, but still decent. They have a buy one get one half off. All the footlong cold cut subs I've gotten from here have been good, big, and a good value. I'd probably give 5 stars if their breakfast sandwiches were consistently excellent and if some of their employees were more professional (they tend to complain about the workload in front of customers).

Kevin Carney: 08/12/2016 01:24

Good for a corner store. Way better than your average bodega. Decent selection, good deals on breakfast sandwiches.