Dash's Market

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  • Website:www.dashsmarket.com
  • Address:499 W Klein Rd # A, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 204-0386
  • Opening Hours Today: 07:00-23:00
  • Monday: 07:00-23:00
  • Tuesday: 07:00-23:00
  • Wednesday: 07:00-23:00
  • Thursday: 07:00-23:00
  • Friday: 07:00-23:00
  • Saturday: 07:00-23:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Website:www.dashsmarket.com
  • Address:1770 Hertel Ave, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 835-3083
  • Opening Hours Today: 07:00-22:00
  • Monday: 07:00-22:00
  • Tuesday: 07:00-22:00
  • Wednesday: 07:00-22:00
  • Thursday: 07:00-22:00
  • Friday: 07:00-22:00
  • Saturday: 07:00-22:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Website:www.dashsmarket.com
  • Address:8845 Main St, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 650-2888
  • Opening Hours Today: 06:00-23:00
  • Monday: 06:00-23:00
  • Tuesday: 06:00-23:00
  • Wednesday: 06:00-23:00
  • Thursday: 06:00-23:00
  • Friday: 06:00-23:00
  • Saturday: 06:00-23:00
  • Sunday: close

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Clarence Hollow Antique Mall Bonadio Country Store: 05/02/2017 06:00

Love the smaller size store

Mark V: 04/24/2017 23:04

Friendly help and decent selection for a mid-sized grocery store.

Nick O'Keefe: 04/20/2017 19:01

Staff is very helpful. kept clean. the spot is nice in there too

The Real Goopy Goop: 04/15/2017 21:58

I love dash's they have a good selection

Argi Gomez: 04/06/2017 18:30

Never had a problem here as a customer. I get what I need and leave. Sometimes they have specials on certain products so you will have to look. They also have a clearance cart by the frozen aisle. It's a cart which may contain applesauce, beer, or other things. I won't take a star for being pricey. It is expected since they aren't a big chain. Overall a quick, clean and fast experience.

Roberta Wendover: 03/25/2017 01:25

Awesome market!! ONLY PLACE we buy our meats, they are cleaner and fresher than any other.

Mike Schmid: 03/19/2017 22:34

Great place to shop, just not a very big selection. Friday fish fry is awesome though.

james jozens: 02/08/2017 23:57

Why did you stop carrying Kretschmar Beef Bologna, the best bologna at your deli.

linda corsaro: 01/14/2017 00:32

The best service as well as helpful employees. UNSURE what I love the most the meat department or the great take out.Always clean and great looking displays

Ashley Dunning: 01/13/2017 22:29

Conveniently located in an area where grocery stores are limited. Selection of items is a little limited, but they carry Sure Fine as their generic, which makes great products. Things are a bit pricier than say Tops or Wegmans, but the convenience makes up for it.

Fatima Ali: 08/30/2016 04:19

Love this location. Has all the hard to find specialty foods. It's a great place to pick up a quick healthy lunch! The people are friendly and it's a neat store.

Recreation & Digital: 08/06/2016 20:21

A great local neighborhood grocery store. I live in the area and it's great to just be able to walk over via side streets to pick up something really quick. They have a pretty good selection of pre-prepared hot and cold foods, plus a counter service and seating area for additional hot foods they can make for you. Also, a Spot Coffee inside which is a great little bonus. Prices are average.

Alonzo Rainero: 08/02/2016 23:48

Great place to buy high quality steaks. However, a bit pricy.

Valerie Boye: 06/29/2016 18:10

I really enjoy going to Dash's. All the employees I've encountered have been very kind and helpful. The biggest downfall is how overpriced everything is. I get that they have to make their money and there's not many places close to my house that have some of selections they do but for the prices they have, I almost always avoid going here. I can spend the same amount of money at Aldi's and get triple the amount of groceries. In today's world, there's not many people who can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on groceries for the month. They should really consider dropping the prices a bit, it would bring in A LOT more customers. That is a promise.

Katie Parsons: 12/01/2015 15:43

This is a great store. The prices are decent for a local mom and pop like store. The workers are friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad experience while shopping there in the ten years I have been shopping there.