Clinton Mini Mart

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  • Address:1880 Clinton St, Buffalo
  • Phone:(716) 828-1160

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Anwar Alkholaki: 02/15/2017 10:41

Honestly best store I've ever been into its clean and they have really nice and funny employees that can help you with anything you need but, let me tell you about those fresh rolls they make every morning and there fresh cheap lunch meat like 1.99 for a dozen of fresh and hot rolls come on now you really can't beat that and best and cheapest deli meat.mmhm mmhm I'm going there now.

Alycia Schwab: 12/13/2016 18:43

If they dont have theyll get it for you or something comparable. A great neighborhood market!

Destiny Gregg: 12/01/2016 18:09

Friendly family owned store. Cheap prices!

Abdul Alkholaki: 11/28/2016 08:04

Best store in the neighborhood easy to pick up a few things and get them with a great deal. Very clean store and I can find everything I need there and with a great price. Theres respectful employees especially someone names Abdul he's great he's always helping me whenever I can't find anything and he's a hard working guy he should get a raise but one of them named Omar he's a good guy but can piss you the heck off. He's always grumpy but only when the kids don't get his food and don't forget about his older brother Tony. I dont even know were to start with him. He's very bossy and always judges people by how they look and that's one thing I hate about him. He is a nice guy just probably going through something in his like I can tell. He needs to respect his employees because I can tell he doesn't do that often. But overall there store is a nice place and good deals I'm happy to have a place like that in my neighborhood.

ali mohamed: 11/28/2016 07:29

So I went in there once and let me tell you about the rolls! Mhmm! They are super delicious. A dozen of rolls for $2! Now that's a hell of a deal am I right?! They also have really good deli meat. Very cheap compared to other stores in Buffalo. They have a really cute kid named Anwar ;). He's a hard worker but he always sneaks chips in the back.