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  • Address:1820 Sheridan Dr, Buffalo
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:998 Broadway, Buffalo
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:2090 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:4030 Maple Rd, Buffalo
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:3750 McKinley Pkwy, Buffalo
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:3060 Main St, Buffalo
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534

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Luis Montijo: 05/03/2017 00:32

Quality produce, great selection, very clean store. Friendly & helpful staff.

Mary Courtney: 04/30/2017 21:50

Prices on staples are 1/2 what I pay at tradutioal supermarkets!

Applehead Jackson: 04/22/2017 08:49

One word for this store: pathetic. Warning, new store policy in effect, be prepared to be approached by security in reference of your bags, purse, luggage, baby carriages, or grocery bags. They don't trust you but want your money though. Wouldn't recommend any to patronize this market unless you want a paranoid guard with trust issues who doesn't want you walking around with your personal stuff with you in the store.

Amanda Walker: 04/20/2017 02:44

I liked it before the remodel but it's even better now.

Destiny Stevenson: 04/19/2017 19:08

I shop here all the time. Always great service.

Renee Daniel: 04/18/2017 20:44

What a great store! Lots of choices and their household items have grown tremendously and talk about bargins!

The Real Goopy Goop: 04/15/2017 22:08

Cheap price , I normally get everything I need for around 40- 50 $

Theresa Arbutina: 03/22/2017 03:34

I go out of my way to travel to this location. Clean, well stocked and friendly staff!

Richie Iuele: 03/19/2017 20:30

always have good prices and quality food

Nisa: 03/19/2017 02:40

Staff are quick and efficient and are always quick to open another cash register if they see the line getting long.

Mrs Abby Jones: 03/15/2017 00:43

Good selection at reduced prices. Convenient open parking.

Shiloh Morris: 03/07/2017 16:18

The only place I will grocery shop. Friendly staff and cheap prices. You can't beat it.

Dustin Skare: 03/07/2017 04:04

Larger and more convenient layout compared with other Aldi Markets I've visited. Checkout staff was also very friendly which I don't always find to be the case at other locations.

Greg Gambino: 03/04/2017 04:05

Went shopping prices are good.

Suzy Vergo: 03/02/2017 18:11

Staff is nice & this store is generally well stocked. It is a fairly small store though. The produce section often leaves something to be desired. And sometimes you're not able to get all the ingredients you need for a specific recipe. However, they do have the staples and great prices.

void loxx: 02/24/2017 10:07

Their promise to a place and give you your money back as they choose, they make up the rules as they go along.

James Schwegler: 02/20/2017 06:04

Incredible prices, unique selection, and helpful/courteous staff!

Robert McLeod: 02/17/2017 00:51

Great dry items. The produce leaves something to be desired. Their coffee beans are the BOMB. Seriously, you cannot beat there Organic Peruvian whoile bean for $5. Its my favorite home brew coffee out of everything I've tried. The meat selection is great also. Other than that you can pretty much get everything you need here minus produce.

E Jen: 01/25/2017 22:05

My favorite grocery store! Prices are so low and consistent. It makes eating fresh fruits and vegetables affordable. Their seasonal and specialty items are always fun to try.

monaca morgan: 01/01/2017 21:03

Great place to get cheap food that taste really good and u can always find something new to try

magoosmom1: 12/24/2016 16:34

Has become my favorite discount grocery store. Variety gets better all the time.

Belinda Deas: 12/19/2016 01:52

I Love Aldi's. The staff is friendly, This store has different types of high quality foods I can try at reasonable prices. The household products are nice choices as well.

Evin Conyer: 12/04/2016 10:11

This location is convenient clean and the staff is always very friendly. I typically run here afer work and i am in and out within 20 minutes. The store is always fully stocked and is very well maintained. No complaints at all.

Austin Larson: 10/21/2016 19:32

Really good quality for he price it is SO much better price than things like Tops so I go here every week. Perfect for young people and a small family.

Eugen Eugensohn: 09/23/2016 00:54

Big and bright store after the recent remodel. Same Aldi's quality, but a larger organic produce section than most markets. Spacious aisles and pretty quick check-outs. Close to a lot of other shopping destinations, too.