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Supermarkets in Wilson, North Carolina
1. Plaza Supermarket Inc
Address: 600 Herring Ave E, Wilson
Work: 08:30-20:30
2. Save-A-Lot
Address: 4000-B Ward Blvd, Wilson
Work: 08:00-21:00
3. Handy Mart
Address: 1605 Herring Ave E, Wilson
4. H Mart
Address: 1207 Forest Hills Rd NW, Wilson
5. Jordan Supermarket
Address: 319 Pender St SE, Wilson
6. Walmart Neighborhood Market
Address: 2700 Ward Blvd, Wilson
7. Harris Teeter
Address: 3401 Raleigh Road Parkway W, Heritage Crossing Shopping Center, Wilson
8. Food Lion
Address: 2101 Tarboro St SW, Wilson
Work: 07:00-23:00
9. Shop Rite
Address: 5033 US-264 ALT, Wilson
10. Walmart Supercenter
Address: 2500 Forest Hills Rd W, Wilson
11. Yeman Food Mart
Address: 803 U.S. Hwy 301 N, Wilson
12. Tropicana Foods
Address: 603 Pender St SE, Wilson
Work: 08:00-21:00
13. ALDI
Address: 2106 Forest Hills Rd W, Wilson
Work: 09:00-20:00
14. Piggly Wiggly
Address: 1105 Ward Blvd, Wilson
Work: 07:00-21:00

Best comments in Wilson,NC

  • Save-A-Lot

    Good Service!

    4000-B Ward Blvd, Wilson
  • Save-A-Lot

    Great prices

    4000-B Ward Blvd, Wilson
  • Save-A-Lot

    They have affordable food and great products

    4000-B Ward Blvd, Wilson
  • Save-A-Lot

    Yes, the prices are good. But when you go to the checkout and the cashier isn't even there, saunters over after you're standing there 5 minutes, doesn't say a word except how much your total is, even good prices don't make you want to come back. ...

    4000-B Ward Blvd, Wilson
  • Save-A-Lot

    Prices are much better than other stores close to that area. Service is good, staff is friendly. Items are typically fully stocked.

    4000-B Ward Blvd, Wilson
  • Handy Mart

    Hard to get in and out.

    1605 Herring Ave E, Wilson