United StatesNorth CarolinaHavelock
Supermarkets in Havelock, North Carolina
1. Oriental Market
Address: 206 Cunningham Blvd, Havelock
2. Walmart Supercenter
Address: 566 US-70, Havelock
3. Plaza Super Store
Address: 1317 E Main St, Havelock
4. Food Lion
Address: 1403 E Main St, Havelock
Work: 07:00-23:00
5. Food Fare Convenience Store
Address: 227 W Main St, Havelock
6. Food Lion Grocery Store
Address: 101 Greenfield Heights Blvd, Havelock

Best comments in Havelock,NC

  • Walmart Supercenter

    I like it when buying from the online store I can pick up my order there. Staff there are great. They check my order to make sure it's right

    566 US-70, Havelock
  • Walmart Supercenter

    To unorganized. Too many pushy people. I told the cashier we had 2 separate carts of items. One was mine and one was a family member. She rang them both together and told my daughter in what world did she think I would let her pay for her stuff. ...

    566 US-70, Havelock
  • Walmart Supercenter

    Never have to wait in long lines, great customer service reps, & amazing/attentive front end supervisors .

    566 US-70, Havelock
  • Walmart Supercenter

    Only complaint is how many registers are closed, with long lines. Would like to thank a employee for being so so sweet to my little boy while he made his first purchase on his own. Made his day! Thank you!

    566 US-70, Havelock
  • Walmart Supercenter

    It has so much merchandise to chose from and the employees are so friendly and helpful. My mom needs to use a scooter in the store and the aisles were not cluttered or too narrow which made it easy for her to navigate around the store easier.

    566 US-70, Havelock
  • Plaza Super Store

    I'm going to have to disagree with the below comment. This place is a great place to get nice good furniture for your home at an excellent price. I would bet you if you went here and then shopped around at other places. You'd realize that your going ...

    1317 E Main St, Havelock