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  • Address:3209 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Charlotte
  • Phone:(704) 541-7292
  • Address:9101 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte
  • Phone:(704) 531-6588
  • Opening Hours Today: 06:00-00:00
  • Monday: 06:00-00:00
  • Tuesday: 06:00-00:00
  • Wednesday: 06:00-00:00
  • Thursday: 06:00-00:00
  • Friday: 06:00-00:00
  • Saturday: 06:00-00:00
  • Sunday: close

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Skylin Megas: 04/16/2017 21:28

Small but very friendly ... The associates love being on the floor .. And work well with eachother.. Joyfull atmosphere.. Recommend this location for the shopping needs

Will Slater-Baker: 04/13/2017 03:09

Jaime and Mary at the customer service have absolutely no idea what customer service is. I have never witnessed the rudeness, ineptitude, nor absolute disregarde for customers that were displayed at this walmart. I will now pay the extra to go to target. Walmart has lost a 39 year customer.

Matt Norem: 04/10/2017 19:45

Though its not a superstore, good variety of stuff to look through. Food section convenient. Easy for one item to multiply into several.

Josué Pineda: 03/23/2017 10:00

I am visiting the area to see family and I purchased basic goods, also wanted to buy beer and wine. They denied my Honduran passport because it was not an American one. I am never one to complain but the way it was handled was obsurd. The cashier raised her to tone to ask her manager if an can accept foreign passports. I ended up buying my alcoholic beverages at the nearest gas station without any problems. Racist staff and very ignorant

Bruce Becker: 03/20/2017 06:30

I really enjoy Wal-Mart because the prices are great and they most of the time have anything you need. This Wal-Mart gets only 4 stars because it is not always clean. Staff is friendly most of the time.

Ellen Sheppard: 03/20/2017 01:56

Walmart Pharmacy: The Only Downside is the Pharmacist Takes a Lunch Break OK, that sounds harsh. Everyone has to take a break now and then and i certainly don't begrudge her a measly 45 minutes away from the "always-ono-her-feet" his stress job. That is, unless I'm in a hurry to fill a perscription for an immunization i need and am told that she's getting ready to leave for lunch and to come back in 45 minutes." Just bad timing I guess. So not that's off my chest and i can tell all the good things that amazed me & earned this Walmart Pharmacy 5 stars! First, the techs were very efficient! (Almost to a fault -- they are so quick and efficient that here i the south that may be intrepreted as rude. But as someone who's always in a rush, I loved it!) Second, they were accurate. I could tell the tech was reluctant to even ask the pharmacist about giving me the shot, as it was clear the pharmacist was preparing to leave. But she did ask, which i appreciated. Sure enough, the pharmacist looked at her watch and shook her head "no." I get it; I'm sure there were others holding her accountable for being back at the precise time she's due back. Both the tech and pharmacist apologized. I noticed later that the 45 minute "closed for lunch" time is very clearly posted. My bad for not having called. Third, when i returned 3 hours later both the tech and pharmacist remembered who i was and again apologized for having had to close for lunch. The pharmacist got to me quickly. (It is a fairly rarely-given immunization, so i was actually lucky they had the serum in; i had not called in advance.) The tech checked my prescription & seated me in a sort-of-private area; the pharmacist checked the paperwork I'd completed. Both verified my name and birthdate. The pharmacist asked about the countries I was traveling to. Even though my Primary Care doc had written the script, i appreciated the double-verification of the fficacy of the immunication. The pharmacist adjusted the privacy screen to allow her plenty of room. Even though i had a sleeveless top and privacy was not essential for modesty, she seemed very concerned with doing it exactly right. She chatted during the administration of the vaccine. It was a slow and slightly painful one (intramuscular) to take my mind off it. She led me to the seating area where i needed to wait for 20 minutes and she checked back with me twice. She also said she'd check the state database for when i needed to get the 2nd administration & would let me know (even though my Primary Care Doc had already told me and written a script for it.) As I departed, she wished me safe travels and said she was anxious to hear about my trip. Gosh; i felt I'd made a new friend! To my surprise, she personally called the next day to tell me the exact date i should come in (in six months!) to get the 2nd administration. Holy smokes, now that's what i call great customer service. And here's the final reason for the 5 stars: I knew this immunization would not be covered by insurance (I'd paid for it prior to the injection.) My husband got the same vaccination at a private Travel Clinic. He paid $142 for it. I paid $72 at Walmart! Great Service and Great Prices - I'll take that any day!

Katie Kinter: 03/08/2017 00:28

Customer service is always friendly but I rarely shop here rather hit up a super center and get everything I need in one stop. The selection here isn't bad thou

John Clay: 01/11/2017 07:23

Bets Walmart in Charlotte. Great service as well as super courteous staff.

Monalisa NotDaVinci: 12/30/2016 00:28

>>UPDATE ON DEC. 29th 2016 ...Just spoke with ART ( he answered in sporting goods but I had questions about a bicycle ) he was SOOOO Helpful and Answered all of my questions. I hope Walmart managers take notice of his WONDERFUL attitude and friendly personality going the extra mile in helping me to purchase a bicycle.

Desray Tennant: 09/28/2016 20:24

Just went into Walmart, Arboretum Center, to purchase a few items and confirm what was remaining on two Walmart gift cards. The teller told me one was empty and the other unreadable. She kept the "empty" one and I left. Then turned straight around, went back in and asked her to return the card she had "discarded". Well Low and Behold, She removed it from her wallet. I went home checked on line to find that the card had $30.00c remaining on it. For shame do YOU sleep at night. Walmart, if she has done this once she will do it again and again.......disappointed as this has left me with an impression not to trust Walmart staff.