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  • Address:3850 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte
  • Phone:(704) 535-8104

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A Google User: 07/31/2012 07:37

First of all, this is not a super-center. And its not on Independence, its on eastway. Regardless, it is a walmart, so what you see is what you get. UPDATE: I was just informed that google maps kind of had it wrong. The eastway & central walmart will be closing, replaced by the new walmart on independence (near briar creek rd.) Good because that Eastway Walmart was D I S G U S T I N G! Bad because their stuff is still made by limbless children in China.

Carrie Carlile: 05/25/2012 02:40

Nice store, but awful customer service. The store is clean, things are usually easy to find, and the selection is pretty good for a smaller Wal-Mart. We usually use the Wal-Mart on Galleria Blvd just down the road toward Matthews, but we thought we'd try this one tonight for a few grocery items. We found our 6 items quickly and easily, and then went to the checkout line. We had one of those hand-held baskets, and placed it on the counter. The checker didn't say hello, didn't ask if we found everything okay--she just looked at me and snapped, "Take those things out of there." Um, okay. She treated us as if we were a huge inconvenience, told us we were holding up her break, she ran up one of our items three times and had to void it, and kept almost throwing our bags off the bag carousel. She also snapped "I'M CLOSED! Can't you see the sign is off?!" at probably four or five people who tried to come up after us. Wouldn't a, "I'm sorry, I'm closed--but lane 3 is open" suffice? Honestly, I have never been treated more rudely in a check-out line. She was awful. It upset me enough, actually, that I got in the car, pulled out the receipt, and called the manager to let him know how disappointed my husband and I were by the way we were treated. The first time I called, I let them know I wanted to speak to a manager about a customer service issue, and I was put on hold. About five minutes later, someone picked up the phone and then hung it up. They hung up on me! I called back a second time, and it rang probably 25 or 30 times, and a girl in the jewelry department picked up. I told her the same thing, and she put me on hold. I waited 10 minutes with no answer, and hung up to try again. I am currently on the phone for the third time. I called again, told the girl at customer service that I wanted to speak to a manager, and I have been on hold now for 27 minutes. I am so disappointed in the way they treat their customers and the way the management is ignoring a customer service issue. I think we'll be going back to the store on Galleria; they may be a little messier and a little less organized, but every employee I've talked to there is friendly, helpful, and courteous. I'll take that over a new store any day.