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  • Address:4520 N Tryon St # 45, Charlotte
  • Phone:(704) 509-1799

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Chuck Horton: 02/22/2017 04:57

This is my go-to Asian market. I live 100 miles from them and always make up an excuse to go to Charlotte to shop there. They have about everything you need. Back when I started cooking Thai food I found one of the owners Ivy very, very helpful. The prices are so good. Harris Teeter carries some of the ingredients i use most often but they are 2x’s the price and not as good. I’ve always found the market to be very authentic as I have traveled in Southeast Asia. The parking lot needs lots of work!!! The fish counter is right as you enter the store and has a strong odor. The store is a bit gritty, but hell its part of the experience! Go there and shop and enjoy!

Julie Lawlee: 02/04/2017 11:54

Could not find 2 out of 5 Korean favorite ingredients. Store workers had no idea what I was asking for. On the other hand, what they did have was a good verity of what was in stock.

Conley Brodziak: 01/29/2017 22:24

We wandered around this supermarket and bought some tasty items! The bakery had sesame balls (basically fried dough stuffed with bean paste covered in sesame seeds), also known as "jian dui", which was very very good. While the market is dirty inside and the fish section smells, if you're in the mood for authentic Asian food and snacks, this is the right place.

Bee Menorath: 01/09/2017 04:14

Roast duck was awesome!! BUT, they need major help. The smell was bad, bathroom was nasty, groceries just didn't seem to be attractive. The store itself was unattractive. They need major fix up, In and out. Parking lot had pot holes everywhere. The little restaurant in the market sanitation grade was an 88. That's not good. I would love to come here much often but I cannot deal with how nasty the place is. My bf who is black, first time coming in an oriental store and he couldn't even stand to be in there. Pretty embarrassing if u ask me.

Chuqha Lauj: 07/14/2016 04:55

Compared to the store next to this, which is New Century Grocery & Food, this store has better customer services, and their products were not overpriced. The other store and this one has the same product, but for some reason, it is less expensive in this one. Even though this store is really small, it has everything I need, unlike the other store. One thing that I do not like about this store is that it smells like fish throughout the whole place, even in the back of the store. Also, they will not let you use the bathroom. They have one, but you just have to know where it is and just go straight to it without asking them.