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  • Website:locations.harristeeter.com
  • Address:16625 Lancaster Hwy, The Shoppes at Ardrey Kell, Charlotte
  • Phone:(704) 714-4795
  • Website:locations.harristeeter.com
  • Address:3540 Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd, Mountain Island Marketplace, Charlotte
  • Phone:(704) 392-9690
  • Website:locations.harristeeter.com
  • Address:5810 Highland Shoppes Dr, The Shops at Highland Creek, Charlotte
  • Phone:(704) 875-0993

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Lucille Smith: 05/02/2017 23:05

I love this place and l would recommend it to any body. EverythIng is always fresh and clean the people are friendly. Lucille S. Charlotte North Carolina

Mark Thompson: 05/01/2017 20:43

Great Staff and prices

Sireesh Raju: 04/29/2017 05:47

Best place to shop for groceries.neat and clean.

Janah Ungaro: 04/26/2017 20:25

Wow! Talk about impressive customer service! I went there today looking for a certain kind of hummus that they did not carry since this is a smaller HarrisTeeter, and they not only apologized for not having it, the manager insisted that I get another brand of hummus for free since they didn't have mine. Always helpful, friendly and going above and beyond to accommodate your needs as a customer! A++++++ Harris Teeter!!

Eyvonne Simmons: 04/24/2017 23:39

I was in an out without any problem... Prices are a little higher than I'm accustomed to paying.,.

clarissa carter: 04/24/2017 00:32

I love my Harris Teeter's! !! I work for Teeter's, and this is the one that I frequent in my neighborhood for my daily needs and medications! !!! :)

Robbyv70 rob: 04/17/2017 05:47

Terrible customer service! It's Easter Sunday Publix is closed and harris teeter doesn't Have the common sense to staff correctly. Waited in line for 20 min with 2 cashiers who complianed the whole time how there's never enough help. What a joke! This HT supports the biggest neighborhood in charlotte (highland creek) and it's the worst HT in the city....

Melvin Jay: 04/09/2017 17:55

Prices are reasonable staff is courtious

Steven Crutchfield: 04/06/2017 17:49

Good deals for students/e-vic members. The people who work there are pretty helpful and eager to assist. My only issue is that every time I am in the store during the day, I always hear "Security scan all aisles and report back to management." I usually try to ignore it, but...yeah. I would hope profileling not be an issue here.

Joseph Griscti: 04/05/2017 23:46

It's a nice place to shop. Always find what I need. Love the pharmacy. Opening a Starbucks in near future. Good customer service. Fruit and vegetables are very fresh. Most cashiers and employees are friendly and knowledgeable

Peter A: 04/05/2017 03:57

Great selection of products, service is pretty quick and friendly as well.

Peter A: 04/05/2017 03:52

Place is sort of tiny but its a much smaller harris teeter than most. Good place to go to if you need to pick up a few things from the grocery store.

Jessica Draper: 04/03/2017 14:08

You used to be able to get good service at this store, bit it has quickly gone down hill Usually only two lines open during peak times. On their busiest day of the week they were having the grease trap cleaned. The store smelled awful. The U-Scan area is usually littered with baskets the cashier doesn't want to put back.Go to the Davis Lake location or Prosperity Church.

Dan P: 04/02/2017 19:41

Best Harris Teeter in town! Great staff too!

Jenny Greeson: 03/28/2017 19:08

A little small and doesn't carry full variety of items compared to other stores, but for basic grocery needs it works great.

Michael Giudice: 03/25/2017 16:57

Crowded, small and kind of dirty. This location has a small selection in each category and is only good for quick trips when you only need an item or two. Can't wait until Publix finally gets into this area.

Key B: 03/22/2017 20:32

Great customer service! I made a few mistakes at the self checkout and the attendant was so patient with me! I also purchased items from the deli and the quality was great! I will return!

Art Star: 03/21/2017 23:54

This is actually my go to store right now. It's close to where I stay and it's in an area that has something for everyone.

Joe Pierce: 03/20/2017 20:50

Staff is always kind, considerate and most helpful. They also have an app that you can use to order your groceries online and just pick them up. Absolutely Awesome

Lindsey Webster: 03/15/2017 19:25

This location has a serious parking issue, however, the store is always clean and well stocked. In fact the staff will often go out of their way to assist you, even by ordering a product they do not regularly carry. With an awesome salad bar, hot bar, sandwiches and a Starbucks this location is actually really great. Be prepared for the usual post-work and weekend crowds and adjust accordingly.

Niel Andrews: 03/14/2017 16:54

It's a good Harris Teeter. If you've ever been to a Harris Teeter then you can rest assured that you know what this place is like.

Trish Roy: 03/14/2017 05:22

Deli service is friendly and quick! Thank you!

SirStep1: 03/08/2017 07:43

Always has great sales and a wide range of healthy and organic options. Every single employee I've interacted with has been very polite, relatable, and helpful. Definitely love having one within walking distance.

Lilly Anna Pavlou: 03/02/2017 21:17

Customer service is great and has your typical Harris Teeter selection. However, their pricing and sale labeling is horrible. There are different stickers on the same products in different locations (i.e. An endcap had a great sale on cheese, but the dairy section doesn't have any sale listed.) Some products had old sale signs still up and others looked like current sales had been ripped off. It's your normal Harris Teeter except that you have no idea what you're paying until you get to the register.

Sporadic Walker: 03/02/2017 20:51

My favorite local grocery store by a long shot. Often they have amazing deals like the buy 2, get 3 free! This location is open 24/7! Staff personnel are friendly. Produce is fresher by comparison to other local markets. It's in a great location. Parking is easy to find. During the day/evening, there is a bar (serving alchol) and there are specialty areas that make food (sushi, pizza, etc.). Monday's is pizza night- any pizza any style, unlimited toppings for about $7.. It's a large pizza!

Jericka Hinton: 03/01/2017 23:36

The employees are very friendly and knowledgable. However I cannot get passed the rancid smell of old fish. No other Harris teeter is like that, so what's up? They need to deep clean in there. It didn't smell like that when I used to live near this one.

Antoine Lowray: 03/01/2017 16:19

I love the atmosphere, cleanliness, and professionalism of the employees. The only reason is not a ten is because there are many things that you cannot find here as they have a limited selection of some items while having an extensive selection of others.

Garland Beamer: 02/28/2017 22:52

Manager named Thomas walked right by this empty deli at 1:30 on a Tuesday without any acknowledgement. This Harris Teeter sucks. Always have to wait 10+ minutes for a sub.

Jan Whitesell: 02/28/2017 20:02

Shelves were well stocked. Cashier was friendly and fast. Customer Service Manager is not very customer friendly. Berated an employee in public. Totally unnecessary.

Andrew Merchant: 02/27/2017 21:07

This is our #2 teeter when I need to stop on the way home from Uptown. The employees are friendly and helpful. Despite being on the smaller side, the store seems to have a good selection. It is always really clean, too!

Andrew Merchant: 02/27/2017 20:56

This is one of the best Harris Teeters in the city. The selection is good and the customer service is even better. Produce is always of high quality. The only down side is the parking can be a bit hectic, and well, they don't offer Publix subs.

Phylicia Pretty Brown: 02/22/2017 07:09

It's okay don't like the sushi bar too expensive from other store and the staff really dnt understand English

Andrew Merchant: 02/20/2017 21:06

This is a fine Harris Teeter, not excellent, but pretty good. The customer service is hit or miss. Sometimes, when something is wrong, they know how to make it right, other times (about 1/2 the time) they miss with poor customer service/helping. The produce is often old (maybe they don't rotate stock? IDK). But overall, it is plenty good enough to go to.

Carmen Dellinger Willard: 02/20/2017 06:08

Despite its size they have a great variety of items. Not always a lot of a product, but the variety is still there. If they ask if you found everything okay and you didn't, tell them. Generally they'll try to remedy the situation.

Drew Terry: 02/16/2017 18:48

This grocery store hits a pleasant medium between decent selection and decent price. We can usually find "clean eating" options here, including Whole30 bacon (which we didn't find at Whole Foods!), many HT Traders or Organics house brands are free of additives. The produce here is hit or miss, and although we can find more unique things like plantains, many times they have been out of a common item (lookin' at you spinach). Overall, we shop here because they usually have what we need and it's usually cheaper than Whole Foods or Fresh Market.

Joseph Mullins: 02/13/2017 21:23

Coolest HT I have been to. I eat dinner most Tuesday nights here since their subs are on sale with a quick exit. Great place for lunch too. lots of hot food to carry out

dave singer: 02/11/2017 12:44

This Pharmacy is the worst around. Be the Pharmacist,Summer,any better. She thinks that she is doing you a favour waiting on you.You could be standing in line and she just ignores you until you speak up. Always"Have to order your pill,they will be here in 3 days"They really need to put a professional in here and let her go back to CVS,where she came from.

Lindsey Lustig: 02/09/2017 00:36

This is a clean and well maintained Harris Teeter. A little smaller than your average Harris Teeter, but has all of the things that you might want from a grocery store. The intersection gets a little busy right out front of the store, but easy enough to navigate in and out of the parking lot.

Rajshekhar Mahendrakar: 02/09/2017 00:27

A small grocery store. There are two more in a stretch of one mile which are better

Michael Hessberg: 02/08/2017 23:39

High end grocery store in South Park area. Well laid out, great customer service. Lots of convenient options.

Michael Zufall Jr: 02/08/2017 22:15

The Tiffany's of food stores. I could spend hours in there.

Colleen Nicol: 02/05/2017 06:16

I give this store a 4 because parking can suck, but they're currently working on improving it. Their prepared foods aren't as good as Publix. However, I find they have a better selection of goods and flavors.

Drew: 02/04/2017 10:11

Been going to different HT's for decades now. I've used every facet of their offered services, and their Pharmacists are top notch, I'd venture to say best in Charlotte. HT's prices are hit and miss, you can catch deals, but they'll get you with some things overpriced you wouldn't expect, so your tab can add up if you're not careful. Great staff, employee's that seem genuinely pleased to help you.

Naomi Phelps: 02/02/2017 11:12

Place is amazing for vegetables and produce. All the meats look delicious and healthy. I buy all my eggs and vegetables from here. Not only is it healthier it's more cheaper than slot of places. They even have firewood roasted chicken and pulled pork you can buy precook rd. It smells up the whole store. Hurry fast because it sells out quick.

Jay Rivs: 01/30/2017 19:06

Parking always available which is not something I can say for all harris teeters.not that many warm food options though as found I at others

Diane Braswell: 01/30/2017 01:09

Love to shop here. The produce always looks fresh. Every item is neatly placed on the shelf. The isles are clean. Employees are always helpful and friendly. But the only issue is the parking. Not enough spaces. But other than that, this is a great place to grocery shop.

Quantavious Martin: 01/24/2017 17:14

This is one of my favorite Harris teeters to go to. They lines move very fast and self checkout is usually always available. I got for the seafood section most times and they are very helpful and make sure if they can't get to you right away that they greet you and let you know they will be with you as soon as possible. They usually always have what I am looking for.

Russell Brown: 01/19/2017 03:33

I like the triple coupon idea. They have great fresh made pizza. You can order ahead, no delivery. Great salad bar. Deli is easy in and out, no fountain drinks.always clean orderly and well stocked.

Ashleigh Davis: 01/18/2017 20:34

Great hot food bar. Usually go here on my lunch breaks. Only issue is there are a lot of 'reserved parking'. A little much if you ask me

Christian Jones: 01/16/2017 16:07

Massive Store. Great variety. The hot bar and wine selections are insane.

John Tice: 01/15/2017 02:03

Not a bad place at all, definitely has a helpful staff on the rare occasion that I need help. It's clean and well-stocked, easy to navigate, and there are always food samples in the deli to nibble on. That's good! I do have one complaint worth deducting a star over. I shop here enough to be quite familiar with the prices of the things I buy, so when they go up, I notice. Prices fluctuate, I get it, but the kicker is that I've seen them advertise "LOWER PRICE" on items that went UP in price, and show it being marked down from an even HIGHER price than it was before the price jump. This is a definitely a corporate move so I can't blame the store, but come on! It's deceptive and they need to knock that crap off.

Stephen McAbee: 01/14/2017 19:38

Love it. I used to work here when I was younger. Never fails the best Harris Teeter In Charlotte. It gets very busy though.

Megan Fox: 01/12/2017 18:51

I've been slightly disappointed with Harris Teeter recently. Several times a week I get an email with specials and every time I go to the store not a single one of the prices shows up correctly. I'm then left standing there won't my time, the time of the cashier and every other customer in line behind me while the cashier has to manually correct every item based on the emails I receive. It's Luke I'm intentionally being deceived.

Ryan Thurmond: 01/11/2017 18:34

It is never crowded. People are nice and it is always well stocked.

Thomas Cozzarin: 01/08/2017 22:06

Prices average for the area. Service was friendly. Very nice selection. Deli a little slow. Cash out/ register lines unconventional.

Mitch Zakocs: 01/07/2017 20:42

Good store, staff are very friendly and there are good prices. They also have a very good rewards program that actually rewards you.

Amit Gandhi: 12/31/2016 18:38

Some stuff members is really helpful and friendly. 5 star rating is for them. But I had some bad experience with staff member working in night shift. They seem to really rude.

Stephanie: 12/28/2016 01:29

Large Harris Teeter with a good variety of many things. Great beer and wine selection. Wonderful meat and seafood selection.

David Johnson: 12/27/2016 02:33

My wife and I live nearby, and have shopped this store for 35 years. Service and selection are excellent.

Mike Pulakos: 12/23/2016 15:55

Selection and prices are good, as well as the service. Nothing to complain about but there are nicer grocery stores which I would prefer if they were closer, so it gets a 4 instead of 5.

Sean Brown: 12/17/2016 10:47

This a smaller, older store. It's looks crowded, but it's convenient to where you live. Staff friendliest is hit or miss as with most stores or businesses, except for the chicken sandwich Empire. I think some of the reviewers that have commented that the black employees are rude because they are poor may not realize they part they played in that interaction. If you talk down to someone, you are probably going to get rudeness. People with less Stuff are not innately rude.

Sean Brown: 12/15/2016 00:26

Good location. Clean store and a well kept salad bar. It not the largest around, but there are better options than some of the other nearby store.

Sal Sel: 12/07/2016 20:24

Its a food store close by my house. For most of the part its good. But there is a fraction of badness there as well. Some employees that work there. But other than that its 9/10 store for me.

Brittany Correa: 11/22/2016 17:02

I went to this Harris Teeter early in the morning. Everyone was nice enough, but I just wanted to buy a ticket for the Southern Christmas show. They promptly printed my ticket. I explored the store a bit and noticed there is an upstairs wine area with places to sit to eat your salad bar salad, sandwich, or hot food from the deli. Although this is a small Harris Teeter, it has character! Also, FREE PARKING in the parking deck for customers.

M Warren: 11/11/2016 08:29

Extremely disappointed with this store. Produce (bagged salad) was BROWN. Seafood guy is NEVER there. Prices are ALWAYS wrong. The sign/display reads one way and my receipt reads differently! ! Expired soy milk on shelves.This location is CONSISTENTLY a disappointment. However, the cashiers are always very pleasant. The cashiers are the ONLY good thing about this location.

Royston Davies: 10/27/2016 02:11

Love this store especially the produce department of which is always stocked well and fresh with the items I enjoy eating.

Katherine Blackwell: 10/27/2016 01:05

There are two thing that take this store from good to GREAT! One is Keisha in the home shop department. She does a fantastic job of shopping my order and always greets me with a smile on her face. Even if I had 10 other grocery stores to choose from, I would stay with Harris Teeter because of her. I always make sure to stop and say hi to her when I'm there. Harris Teeter should feel lucky to have her. Second, is John in the floral department. He has the most beautiful flowers and recently added even more exotic varietals to choose from. When I have parties and most recently a rehearsal dinner, I always go to him for my flower order and advice. He never steers me wrong! Even if you just need a simple inexpensive bouquet for home he will gladly help you choose and teach you how to cut and care for them. He his always sweet and professional!

Jennifer Blamy: 10/04/2016 03:04

Good go-to store for the last minute needs, plus more. I like the organic options fine, but it isn't my first choice for groceries.

Kim Reese: 08/17/2016 01:13

Sheryl is the most fantastic person there. We always go there to see her. And they have a pretty good selection of food. ;)

Aaron Wright: 08/03/2016 21:42

I went to the Deli Department yesterday and it was quite a experience. My Boar's Head Certified Representative of the Harris Teeter Deli was Johanna. She Had been working there since 2007 and she represented the Harris Teeter way of commitment and quality. I ordered 3 subs. 2 cold and 1 hot. All 3 off them came out to a delicatessens example of a commitment to excellence. But not only to I'd she do that she went above and beyond by proving diligence under pressure of a line forming; while servicing me in a timely, professional, courteous, and informative way. So my cheers goes out to the Deli Manager John's Attention to recognise the commitment and standards being forth by your employees. And realise that when you do have stars there are some who may not have the same inherit resolve to the customer. A employee Named Nick was being looked for at a prime time. leaving your Deli Counter with one Attendee. Still the employee gave her best to do given the circumstances such as the "Boar's Head Lean" and making sure she followed the 3 "C's". But to the dissatisfaction and desertion to an alienated customer base. I would make mention of this only because it took over 25 mins from my experience and still they had no person to show. To make note on that the Spinach Artichoke in sampling was a delicious delight and I time for sale was great! But none the less the commitment to the community for those who are a part of the Harris Teeter team I thank you for a wonderful patronage.