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Tiwanna Kaiser: 04/28/2017 03:34

Well stocked and clean. Everyone was nice.

Gina Cannon: 04/27/2017 02:24

Staff dont speak english

Chris Cordoba: 04/23/2017 17:50

Messy, sometimes even dirty. But you'll find anything and everything here.

C B: 04/05/2017 16:33

Load of South American products. They also have a butcher and fresh meats and fish...Yay

Mendel G: 04/04/2017 18:48

Nice interesting place. Way better than the last time I was here. Good shopping carts.

Angela Berasa: 03/28/2017 11:50

Awesome selection of various foods. Produce isn't always the freshest. Staff usually friendly and eager to help. Love the fresh seafood market and the fact that the source of the fish is clearly marked.

Aiesha Brinson: 03/23/2017 10:28

Always seems dirty and some stuff is priced way to high. But this is the only place I know for a fact that will have my Caribbean ingredients

Katie Kinter: 03/08/2017 00:21

I love how cheap the meats and vegetables are here I rarely buy from big chains for these items other wise dairy products and cold case juices are kind of pricey

Shaked Bar-Tal: 02/25/2017 09:13

Great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, price wise compare food is cheaper than Walmart when it come to fruit and vegetables. To my the store is more explosive then Walmart, Public,food line target Harris Teeter when it come to individual wet cat food can. I do wish that Compare would open another store in South Charlotte closer to Ballantyne. It took me 18 minutes to get to the store from South Charlotte.

Baas Bills: 02/12/2017 02:01

Variety of meat and produce!

Jesse B: 02/07/2017 16:35

one of my favorite ethnic grocery stores. Cuts of meats that you just can't get at the bigger chain stores as well as a great selection of fruits and veg. The attached restaurant is also a treat!

Bertha Barney: 02/01/2017 21:29

Very nice store in Charlotte NC. Parking lot needs much work though.

david murphy: 11/14/2016 03:31

I like that the meats are cut up fresh not frozen and shipped in some prices are high some lower staff extremely friendly And pleasant

Ayacelis Diaz: 11/06/2016 07:33

Amazing selection of produce from all over the world, affordable prices.

Ashley Thompson: 10/30/2016 00:10

I recently moved here from maryland and was satisfied the first few times i shopped here but today i was very dissapointed and i will never go back i did my shopping paid For my groceries and was on my to my car when the caahier told me the mánager wanted us to come back in the store when we returned he said our hundred dollar bill was false i worked as a manager For nearly ten years i know how to tell if money is fake i asked him to look at the bill because i know it is not fake he refused al i asked him if he has a counterfeit pen to Check the bill he also refused i took my money back left my groceries and told him Will never come back to this establishment. This was an absolute waste of my time. By the way after leaving i went to another store where my hard earned money was checked and accepted as real i am so disgusted with the way this mánager handeled the situation and treated my family

GREGORY ESCOTO: 09/15/2016 16:53

This is a great supermarket were you can find a good variety of Spanish & international food. Staff is super friendly and helpful. I had a very good experience at this location. I hope they continue with a good customer service.

Jose Varona: 08/23/2016 05:35

Fresh Produce, Best Prices!!! Friendly Bilingual staff , Best place for Platanos Verdes y Maduros (green and yellow (ripe & sweet)Plantains)

Belen Belmont: 07/23/2016 05:17


Jesse Robinson: 01/29/2016 09:32

Recently shopped there very diverse. The carry alot of Latino and ethnic fare. Wide variety of produce and goods not found in traditional grocery stores.