• Address:10710 S Tryon St, Charlotte
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:6454 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:4120 Sunset Rd, Charlotte
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:10629 Park Rd, Charlotte
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:5550 Old Pineville Rd, Charlotte
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534
  • Address:2526 Freedom Dr, Charlotte
  • Phone:(855) 955-2534

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Angela Thomas: 05/02/2017 19:55

It is Aldi and they have great buys on produce, food and other merchandise at a reasonable price! The only nearby grocery chain for that area in walking distance

Cloud Poncho: 05/01/2017 07:32

Always good priced food , and nice people working there

Shawn Tornell: 04/27/2017 17:01

Great price great parking very inexpensive food products can really have anything you need

Nancy Pena: 04/18/2017 05:51

I liked so much ,they have nice product ,nice price

Keiyenne Hijin: 04/15/2017 05:31

Omg the ppl here are always great. Love going to this location when I'm in town. I do most of my shopping here before I hit the road. Thanks Aldi's for beating Wal Mart Prices

Ryan Stamey: 04/11/2017 02:46

They just remodeled this Aldi and and just reopened and it is very nice. The prices can't be beaten. Produce was really fresh. Definitely will be back!

Ketopia T: 04/07/2017 23:38

Actually sitting in their parking lot writing this review this is my favorite store. Friendly staff, great prices, and I love the remodel.

PTah EGune: 04/05/2017 01:58

Great place for dumpster divers food not old is placed out because I can't be on the shelves the store has extra fresh food everyday

oi iu: 04/03/2017 16:40

I've been an ALDI shopper at this location for 16 yrs. They have remodeled the store about 3 times. In 2017, the store was close for 7-8 weeks. The remodeling looks good although the layout of some departments had to stay the same. I think the time & process of the layout has been the reason. They also change the buzzer/ringing sound. It can get busy anytime at checkout even though there are like 6 employees only one cashier on the register.

Johms Gool: 03/13/2017 16:57

Best grocery prices, much all-natural foods, organic & gluten-free selections.

Renee Smith: 03/05/2017 17:29

I love Aldi for the prices! The fruits and vegetables are always amazing prices compared to Harris Teeter. However, the fruits are usually smaller in size. (This is ok because we don't need an apple to feed 3 people.) Almost seems like the apples are the last of the bunch picked from the tree. Still very tastey though. I love their nuts and cheese selection - the pistachios, walnuts, aged cheddar and Brie is awesome! Can not find these products anywhere cheaper and always delicious!! I have tried some of the generic name brands. All of the granola bars and the crackers are awesome! Definitely a must buy. Generic cereals aren't that great but that goes for any store. The part you must watch for is inspecting the produce products before you buy them. I have found mold before on a product or two in the summer months but 95% of the time, it's good. In comparison, I use the Harris Teeter uptown and their products are not always up to par either.

Angela Sims: 03/04/2017 00:28

After the remodel, items are more prominently displayed, has a lighter feel to the building. Shopping there did not feel like a chore for me. Great selections!

Curtis McCorsley: 02/28/2017 20:39

I like saving money here. It is no-frills, but the quality is good and the prices are much lower than even Walmart.

Constance Haske: 02/25/2017 06:21

They just gave this place a facelift! Great quality and super inexpensive. This is my first stop for groceries. Took me about half a second to get used to their business model as it is drastically different from most US grocery stores. Once I did, my purse was hair for it.

Bridgette Allen Williams: 02/23/2017 15:44

Love Aldi. Some employees at this location can be a bit rude but the other half make up for it with their kind and wonderful service. Store is always clean.

Latasha Tarpley: 02/21/2017 20:30

Everything was nice and neat. The cashier was rushing and handling me groceries too roughly. That was my only concern

Christian Alexander: 02/01/2017 19:32

Recently undergoing renovations, so it's a little dark in the parking lot now, but other than that I LOVE this place. This is where we shop every week for groceries and the only thing we can't get there is totinos pizzas haha great place to live on a budget and eat GOOD. Even their frozen meals are amazing.

Cowboy Butler: 01/26/2017 14:50

As with any chain, Aldi is an Aldi. It has all the basics needed for every kitchen at very reasonable prices - Basics include fresh fruits and vegetables, beef, pork and chicken, cheeses, dairy, frozen items. Comprising most only store brands, you're not going to find 30 different types of peanut butter and a massive double-sided aisle of cereals along with 15 flavors of trisket crackers. But, you will find everything you really do need.

Terry Campbell: 01/17/2017 18:21

Good value. Slow checkout when busy, they don't have a lot of workers, typical for this kind of store. The checkout person is quick and friendly, just not enough of them. But they get high rating for quality and price of items. Plenty of parking here and store is usually clean and well stocked.

Ken Somers: 01/03/2017 17:28

Was just passing through and needed a few things. Ended up needing some in store help, was greeted by the most beautiful woman I've ever seen (Her name is Ebeni) and she helped me with my little list. Clean store, everyone polite.