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  • Address:1997 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone:(616) 447-1500
  • Address:3757 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone:(616) 364-6211
  • Address:2425 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids
  • Phone:(616) 364-6281
  • Address:1540 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone:(616) 452-9651
  • Address:5531 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone:(616) 949-7200

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Laura Chittenden: 05/04/2017 19:35

Always freshest meat and produce. Lasts for longer in the fridge compared to other places i have shopped at. Tastes better too. This is the flagship meijer. I go out of my way to shop here. Best meijer in humble opinion.

Julie Kingsley: 05/01/2017 09:29

Very convenient, however there customer service is poor. They appear as thought they manage using their resources to keep expenses low rather then to be efficient and productive

Tim Dunham: 04/28/2017 03:36

Convenient, typical Meijer. You can tell they underpay their staff based on the level of care displayed.

Marshall Bloem: 04/27/2017 17:35

What a great meijer store. Management should be proud. Very clean,well organized and always helpful employees

Danielle: 04/18/2017 17:58

We went to the sub area to order 4 subs to take to a family get together. The deli employee came over and said "Do you need something?" after we'd been waiting for 10 minutes. I explained that we needed 4 whole size subs. She rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. Her fleece sleeve went all over the bread so we asked for a new top bun. She let out another sign. Threw the bread in a garbage dramatically and continued on. Needless to say, we cut our order in half and went to pick up a pizza instead of the other two subs. The subs were good but the experience was not.

brian shipaila: 04/17/2017 14:19

Great prices..tons more cleaner than Wal-Mart!! Customers dress supervisor and employees do as well!! Pricing good, everything under 1 roof...except Boars Head products!!!

Jonathan Cernanec: 04/11/2017 22:52

This flagship meijer has even more than any other. The store is so clean and has amazing prices as well as different programs that you cannot find at any other Meijers. The international section specifically has an exceptional array of things that you can use to mix things up or give something you already love an authentic boost.

josh reinhard: 04/11/2017 17:52

The Plainfield store is close and convenient, if a little run down. Produce is generally worse off than other local Meijer stores. The Plainfield location offers far fewer options at the meat/seafood counter, as well as deli and bakery. Overall, more good than bad but probably due for a "facelift".

Tim Schott: 04/08/2017 21:09

This is one of a couple of flagship stores in the Meijer chain. It is also the store that the Meijer Family shops at. As a result, it is top notch, from facilities to merchandise. This store has a huge deli area which includes Sushi. The wine selection is fabulous (for a mass merchant) and even includes a wine steward to help you select a wine for your tastes or occasion. In short, if you like Meijer, you'll love this store. If you have never been in a Meijer, this will ruin you for wherever you have been shopping.

Seth Moffatt: 03/29/2017 23:46

One of the nicest Meijer in Grand Rapids. The layout is concise so you aren't forced to wander the whole store for food/general merchandise. Great selection of foods, good quality on the fresh produce. My experiences with the staff have always been positive.

Morgan Laney: 03/28/2017 16:23

The worst Meijer. This place always find a way to disappoint. The shelves are rarely stocked properly, self check out machines are usually broken, and sometimes they don't even have carts.

Nathan Kainste: 03/26/2017 20:16

Least favorite Meijer in GR area based on selection. Staff is friendly and helpful, however. Parking lot is very accessible from Alpine.

haleigh burns: 03/26/2017 17:51

Good selection. I prefer the layout on the beltline. Staff very friendly

Meegan Willi: 03/06/2017 19:52

This is an insanely busy Meijer, but I like their state-of-the-art bottle return machines! I've also had fantastic luck here getting cute kids clothes on clearance. If I'm in the area and need to stop at Meijer, I'd definitely stop here.

Geoffrey W: 02/25/2017 13:59

It's a supermarket store with all the food clothes and toys you may need. Quality and selection are good. Unlike most Meijer stores in the area Alpine always seems to be short staffed at the registers. Not once in memory have I gone there for something only to wait 15+ min to check-out. Even at the self check-out.

daniel vanderzouwen: 02/22/2017 19:57

They freak out if the chip on your credit card doesn't work. They sent me to customer service counter to complete the transaction. Not going back until I get my card replaced. Bought chrysanthemum and daffodils for 4.99 each, nice spring flower potted plants that look nice in my window now, and can transplant in the yard later!

Kayla Bergeron: 02/08/2017 02:24

This is a very clean and nice meijer. I don't come here often, but my experience makes me wish it was closer. A friend and I came in late night and the staff was super friendly and very helpful with finding things we needed that we couldn't locate.

Juli Springfield: 01/26/2017 04:46

Love this location. I am from the Detroit area and have never liked the stores near me much and only shop them occasionally. Love this location. It is near my office and hotel and it is clean, has lots of options including fresh rolled sushi! Have used the nail salon and even bought some clothes. I visit the area at least once a month and shop there just about every time.

Wendy Nance: 12/11/2016 23:15

Meijer Gardens promotes such special displays at various times of the year. Their Christmas around the world is amazing. The butterfly exhibit in March is fantastic. The Japanese garden in summer is spectacular. So many offerings! Well worth the membership if you are local and have young children.

Timothy Powell: 12/05/2016 07:44

I visit this Meijer location with my family frequently. We are always pleasantly greeted at the door, offered help, and often times given a cart, which is very helpful with two kids. Their employees are always responsive and seem to be very hard working. It must be some good management. They definitely deserve a 5 star rating!