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  • Address:2929 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids
  • Phone:(616) 453-6711

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Tyler Harry: 03/20/2017 09:37

The Alpine Meijer is alright. Similar to other Meijers in the area, due for an upgrade this year as well.

Andy Deruischer: 03/14/2017 21:03

Love Meijer

John Jones: 01/29/2017 01:03

Friendly ppl

Ashlee Baas: 12/23/2016 04:35

On 12/22/16 around 5pm I went to the Meijer gas station on Walker ave to purchase gas and cigarettes as I was just leaving work. On 2 separate occasions this week at this exact location, I was able to have my charge account looked up and used my temporary shopping pass since I have not been issed my physical card in the mail yet.The cashier stated she was new and didnt know how to do that so she consulted her coworker for help. He looked at the register for a moment and said "We dont do that here". I explained that I had done so previously just the day before in the morning before work and they were able to look it up. I asked him if there was a manager on site and he said no, it was just them. I asked him if he could call and ask a manager how to do it as I had no other form of payment and needed the gas to get home. He said yes and went into the back room to make a phone call. He came back and told me that his manager said they dont do that at this location. I told him that they do look it up that way because i have done it previously multiple times at this exact store location. He just shrugged his shoulders and said "Well we dont". I was upset and stormed off. I drove to the Meijer gas station on 54th street and almost ran out of gas getting there. When I went inside to prepay for my gas, the cashier immediately knew what i was referring to when i said i had a temporary shopping pass and we were able to complete my transaction with no problem at all. I explained to her what happened at the other store and she told me that all stores should have the menu to lookup the temporary shopping pass since they stopped giving the barcode printout for new meijer credit cards. She said it is located in the "transactions" menu under "tsp lookup". The "tsp" stands for temporary shopping pass. When i was pumping my gas, i then looked up the number to the other gas station and called them to tell them where it was located in the menu so that the next customer who had that would not experience any issues. The cashier that i had spoken to previously who had called his manager then proceeded to still deny that they do that at their location. I hung up on him. I could not believe that i received such horrible service from a store i had grown to love and visited frequently over the past two years that i have been employed on that side of town.

jimmy johnson: 10/15/2016 01:18

Meijer just keeps getting worse. I asked the butcher if there was anyway I could get a half pound of pork. He rudely told me NO, we only sell it in one pound packages which I didn't need for meatballs. The I went over to the counter he pointed at and there were no one pound packages......just pound and a half. I'm done with them. The butcher is a POS. Went to family fair and finished my shopping. I'm done with Them.